Those trees are wearing
mighty fancy dresses
as they sway to their
slumberous rhythm.
My summer was torpor
and sweat running
between middle-aged breasts.
I waited without patience
for the zing of cool
(which just now as I
write this makes me think
of Greatnanny’s Noxzema).
This morning I shivered
and felt a great awakening
readiness stir within me.
But those trees,
tarted up like ladies
on a street corner,
say your money
isn’t good here –
we’re ready for bed.


  1. I'm ready for fall. Bring it on. ;)


  2. I want fall to be here! It's my favorite time of year and we never get the proper weather. It was in the 80s here in the bayou city last week and we all threw up our hands and rejoiced.

  3. "...but those trees, tarted up like ladies on a street corner..." Beautiful simile. Nicely done.

  4. Beautiful. I think the trees deserve to get all tarted up. They've had a hellish summer, too.

  5. One of the downsides of living in California. We get a little but nothing like that picture!!!

  6. I wish we had fall like that here in south TX. Enjoy!

  7. Noxzema! Haven't thought about that for years.

    You are so clever. Loved this.

  8. I love September. Sad that it is leaving soon. I have a feeling the leaves will turn quickly this year and fall off. Your poem made me smile!

  9. I'm ready for some cooler air and less humidity but fall means winter and I'm never ready for that.

  10. Love those tarted up ladies! (great line, Dana)

  11. I LOVE this! I am past ready for fall. Bring it on!

  12. I love it and will look at the trees through different eyes this year!

  13. Noxema! Your GREATNANNY's Noxema?! Oh me, oh my. I used Noxema. Apparently I'm older than I thought.

    But you photo's a real pickmeup, and I love the poem. I actually have the windows open tonight, and a north wind is making the wind chimes sing. It's only 70 degrees, for heaven's sake. We are in heaven, here!


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