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Robin, at Be Still and Know (a hilarious and Godly woman who I greatly admire for not launching inanimate objects at people who annoy her) has given me the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. As with many awards, this one requires that I share seven things that you don’t know about me. Like Robin, I’m unsure what in the world is left to share. I have an “I have no shame” label for some blog posts for heaven’s sake. However, there is always something out there if I just think long and hard enough. So here goes:

1. Sometimes, when I’ve stared at the blank piece of paper on my computer screen so long that I think I can count the individual pixels, I will fall into a meditative trance, and in that slightly foggy (yet warm and safe) place I wonder what it means to be so very ordinary and yet unlike any other person I know. There’s no one in the world who really knows what’s going on inside my head – including me. I am as baffled by my preferences & “logic” as the next person.

2. Take today, for example. It’s Blood Drive Day at work! I signed up last week, and today I went along at my appointed time [side note: I tried to go yesterday because I thought it was Thursday already. I was Shocked and Dismayed by yesterday’s Wednesdayness. Sigh.]. I sat on the bus getting my finger pricked & my blood pressure & temperature took and said my Blood Drive Mantra: “Please let my iron be low. Please let my iron be low.” Alas, my iron was NOT low and I proceeded to the Chair Where They STICK A NEEDLE IN YOUR ARM BECAUSE YOU TOLD THEM TO. And it was practically pain free & a total nonevent. My question is this: WHY do I sign up if I don’t really want to give? I’m going to blame my grandmother & my mother for this. Mamaw ate liver for years to boost her iron content so she could give blood. And my mother gave blood even though finding a vein in her arm was like finding a lost contact lens in a gravel parking lot. At night (I speak from experience). These women made sacrifices to give blood, so who am I to let a little needle phobia get in the way of doing A Good Thing. Oh, and I’m going to remember to vote too.

3. It will come as no surprise that I’m a Democrat. I just want to say right here that I actually feel bad for my Republican friends because it’s got to be tough to feel strongly about your political viewpoint and yet they keep giving you these (unkind thought) people to vote for. I know how you feel because I remember some years where I held my nose & voted my convictions instead of the person. Of course, I’d rather you just come over to my side of the aisle instead of holding your nose… Heh.

4. Apathy, lethargy, ennui, droopiness… These are all Close Associates these days. I’ll see 10:00 p.m. approaching and wonder WHERETHEHECKDIDTHELASTFOURHOURSGO? I am seriously considering setting alarms around the house to remind me to do something other than play Words With Friends.

5. I’m pretty sure that I think that kale is just about the nastiest thing I’ve put in my mouth in the last year. However, since I was the one fixing it, I will reserve total judgment. We do have to consider the (non)cook in this instance.

6. The other day I wondered if having a nephew who just graduated from Army basic training means that I can consider myself a part of a Military Family.

7. Periodically I consider not wearing makeup. I’m not sure that anyone else would notice, but boy howdy would I notice! Do I want to scar myself psychologically just because I don’t want to take 5 minutes to slap on some foundation & eye makeup? At this point, the answer is no.

This is the point where I’m supposed to give the award to other people, but I never do. My blog is where awards go to die. On the other hand, I love learning random new things about people, so I challenge each of you to do a post sharing the same kind of riveting details that I just shared with you. No, really, your readership will be thrilled!

Housekeeping Note: Did you know that “casualty” doesn’t mean “killed?” I sure didn’t. So my discussion of Antietam on Monday was slightly skewed – there were 23,000 casualties, which means killed, wounded or captured. Still horrific, though.


  1. You are a most complex and interesting being, Dana. Thanks for sharing your inner most and very diverse thoughts. That's a very busy brain you have. As for lost time? Get a clock that chimes every 30 minutes.

    I love that you're a democrat, too. My bestie, a staunch republican (but I love her anyways), confided in me that she's voting her convictions this year as the right is making her nuts. I swooned. I swear I swooned! It's my first convert though I should give credit to her old party as I played a very minor roll in comparison.

  2. I rarely wear make up, I tend to have my hands on my face to often for it to last.

  3. Well done! I had faith that your could delve deep and come up with seven fabulous things about yourself that we all needed to know!


  4. Our marriage is a case study in unconditional love. Really, you have no idea how complex and random we can be, each in our own ways. It truly boggles the mind :-)

  5. Congratulations. And I'll try not to let my feelings get hurt if you don't pass this award along to me.

  6. Okay, what gives? I posted a comment here hours and ago and it vamoosked! Just wanted to say that I'm right there with you with the ennui and stuff. That's why I'm thankful for friends like you to endure together!

  7. Congrats! Reading your blog is a highlight of my day. :)


  8. I would think that many of those wounded at Antietam probably wound up dying, back in those antibiotic-less days. Just a hunch backed up by no real knowledge, although probably Google-able.

    Interesting info about you! Let me just say, if I were a woman, I would give up on makeup entirely. What a pain that must be. (I'm basing this on the fact that I can barely bring myself to shave some mornings.)

    Re. kale, try sprinkling it with olive oil and salt and baking it until it's crisp. It's fabulous that way. (Probably mostly because of the oil and salt!)

  9. "Where awards go to die"...hee hee. Just do what I always do. I disregard the directions, do what I want, then pass the award on anyway, using my own criteria.

    What is the worst that will happen?


  10. Remember to ask yourself: "Am I safe right now?" and then "Who is in charge?" I followed your thought of seven random things. Thanks.

  11. LOL! I never pass awards along, either! It's 10pm at my house right now, I've been tired for hours, and I'm wondering the same thing you do!

  12. That was awesome :). I learned some things about you I probably might not have. Very cool :). And yeah, someone would have to do the same thing to me to get me to spill :). (I'm starting to wonder if we were separated at birth on some things :)).

    Have you tried roasting the kale?


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