Thoughts on having a cold…

With apologies to my Facebook friends who've seen this already...

That feeling of sneezing so hard that your ears stop up…

Sneezing so…er…spectacularly that you really need a paper towel instead of a Kleenex…

Noticing that the ends of your hair are damp & realizing that you sneezed INTO YOUR HAIR. A world of eww…

Eating Ben & Jerry’s Red Velvet Cake ice cream because you have the Best Husband in the World…

Vowing to be a better nurse the next time he gets sick…


  1. You've got a good man there, Bug. Hope he gets you fixed up soon. ;)


  2. You poor thing. Good thing you've got a good man to take care of you.

  3. I hope you feel better soon! In the meantime, ice cream can only help. Yeay for your husband who seems to know this.

    To avoid spreading germs, hospitals wipe everything down with alcohol. I do the same thing (internally, a nice merlot is my choice).

  4. Oh no! Feel better. Yay for the ice cream!

  5. I had a similar ice cream last night. Hot sauce and chicken broth with crackers might help...not combined with the ice cream of course. I have to ask...what is the thing in your ear? Sending prayers for a quick recovery my dear!

  6. Why are you lauding the creature who got you sick in the first place!? LOL.

    Feel better! Put some fresh ginger in that chicken soup. It will help, I promise. And stop eating ice cream. It makes more mucous.

  7. OH! Not a cold already! I am sorry. I hope you are better by now and agree that some good ice cream is MEDICINE for the soul!


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