Little Miss Goody Two Shoes

Little Miss Goody Two Shoes*

Today I took a curve
a little lot too fast,
and my heart thumped
and my cheeks flushed
and I remembered
a different curve
(in a different town)
driven by the girl I was.

She knew what it meant
to take a chance or two.

I, in my Goody Two Shoes,
with my cruise control
and my bottle of vitamins,
can only consider her in wonder.

But only for a second,
because she's already
around the bend,
out of sight.

[Note: After I had calmed back down again this song came on & I sang it at the top of my lungs. Seemed appropriate to share it here.]

*Origin of Goody Two Shoes here.


  1. Dana,

    I love your poem. Are you sure you didn't write it about me? It surely does sound like me. I guess as we age risk taking changes. Getting out of bed and getting your feet flat on the floor...... oh, there are days! This is nothing a trip to Cedar Point won't cure. LOL

  2. I can relate. You said it all.

  3. I think as we get older, we appreciate the frailty of life and lose our nerve.

    Maybe you should listen to Deep Purple. Highway Star comes to mind.

    1. Great minds...or something like that. I just made a Deep Purple reference in another context today :-)

  4. A sweet and lovely piece, Dana. You're quite the same, too.

  5. Slow down and be safe,

    signed, Leadfoot

  6. Loved the poem. I get so excited when you drop one in on us.

  7. Thanks guys. I've always had a lead foot - the invention of cruise control has saved me many a ticket I'm sure!


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