2014 Project 365 – Week Forty-four

What a gorgeous week! Which means lots of pictures… And that will make up for next week when my daily walk pictures will be VERY boring.

Sunday, October 26th     
My daily walk – things that are red          

Monday, October 27th    
Dr. M took pictures of gingko trees – lovely!

My daily walk – pretty darn warm!

Tuesday, October 28th     
Today, Dr. M switched his focus to my favorite – sweet gum trees!

My daily walk. That cat was going to follow me all the way home! I had to turn around & walk it back to its house.

Wednesday, October 29th  
Dr. M took some fabulous (& silly) fall pictures today!

My daily walk – yes, there’s a squirrel in the garbage.

 Thursday, October 30th
The campus herd.

My daily walk.

Dr. M’s campus had trick-or-treating today – yes, he was a pirate again :)

Friday, October 31st
Dr. M dressed as one of his students today.

I went on a Vestry retreat (our church leadership, and, except for our Rector, I am the senior person which baffles me every day). I took a walk around the retreat center. It was a bit rainy.

I stayed in the St. Michael room – of course!

Our evening session.

Meanwhile Dread Pirate M gave out candy at our house.

Saturday, November 1st     
Dr. M took pictures of our maple tree & the Lavender Menace – it snowed a bit and we were expecting frost, so we figured the Menace’s days were numbered. He also brought in Pinky Two Tone and Heather the sheep.

I took a not rainy, but QUITE chilly walk around the center.

This was dinner – my facebook comment was: The carrots I didn’t eat, and the carrots I did. Heh.

One of our retreat exercises was to work on a weaving. I’ve never done this before & I had to laugh at myself. No sooner had I spent some time considering how the cloth I was making was like the church – everyone working together for the common good – than I started experimenting with different kinds of patterns. Now what does THAT say about me & church? Ha!

Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. Loved that fluffy moo. And what gorgeous trees!

  2. I'm so jealous of all your fall colors! And I would have eaten both kinds of carrots.

  3. Beautiful fall colors and imagery.

  4. You and Dr. M shoulda posed together wearing your Halloween outfits ;-)

  5. That red maple outside the church is really amazing. Why is your walk going to be boring next week?

    I love Dr. M's student outfit -- funny!

  6. our ginkos are still green. I've only seen them turn yellow once and they had already lost half their leaves by then.

  7. That photo of the color-filled yard on Wednesday is simply amazing.


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