Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Lilla Rose Giveaway!

Sound the trumpets! I’m having a give-away! Elizabeth Williams from Zizzie Happenings approached me about this a while back when I still had hair & I was a slacko & didn’t take her up on her offer of a free Lilla Rose Flexiclip to one of my readers. I have several of them & they’re perfect for my slippery hair. See?

Well, they were perfect… So I said to Elizabeth, “I don’t have any hair anymore! And I don’t think any of my readers do either!” “Well, Danabug,” she said, “you don’t have to use the flexi clips in your hair if you don’t want to.” Exhibit A:

Well! Using them that way had not ever crossed my mind. So I played around on my own.

Fun! Now I know everyone will be clamoring to win the free clip. There is one rule: to enter my drawing you must email me a picture of your feet as you take a walk. Or the back of your head. Or the neighbor’s dog. Just something to show that you’ve wandered around outside somewhere. If you don’t want to email a picture to me, you can post it on your blog instead. Please keep the picture family friendly because I’m gonna post it on my blog (you knew I would, right?).

Go check out Elizabeth’s Lilla Rose site here and see all the different styles available. She’ll give away a style/size that she has in stock (excluding the clip of the month). And men, remember that many of you have women in your lives and Christmas is coming…

I’ll announce the winner one week from today. So get to walking & snapping!


  1. Too sick this go around to be out and about. Just let me once again compliment you when you wear that hat! Is it yours yet? Or have you put one just like it on your Christmas List?

  2. Someone is going to be very happy winning this clip.

  3. They're very classy and look good on you. But I'm sending my photo by email.

  4. how cool is that! I would never have thought of that either. I'll pass on entering though since I have neither hair nor scarves though they are very cool looking.

  5. I always love how creative people are with their accessories. Sadly, I have trouble wearing anything "extra" or "frilly." For some reason I'm like a dog with anything "on" me - I want to shake myself until it flies off. The only thing I wear is my glasses - and only because I need them to read.


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