Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday Miscellaney

Oh man I haven't taken my daily walk yet & I am NOT IN THE MOOD. It's dark out there & I just ate dinner & I would just as soon stay indoors & continue our Lord of the Rings fest. Sigh.

Well you know I'll get up here directly & go take the darn walk.


Have you noticed that my Project 365 post numbering is off? I apparently skipped week 15 entirely. I may (or may not) go back & edit them to fix it, but I'm more likely just to have two week 45s instead.


I started listening to a new audio book today & the narration was AWFUL!!! TERRIBLE!!! HIDEOUS!!! Actually, it almost sounded like they were using one of those computer programs to produce the words - very monotone & very fast. I switched to the kindle version instead & went back to my Dangerous Women audio book (I'm on part 11 of 26 now).


Dr. M's birthday is Thursday and I am somewhat prepared. Well, not really prepared. OK, I have some prep to do. But Nance, it does NOT include polishing the silver. I think the only silver I have is jewelry. Well, my silver jewelry could stand to be polished - but I will not be distracted from my goal. Whatever that was. Oh yeah - Dr. M's birthday!


OK, I think I'm ready to head out into the dark. Oh, and coincidentally, the short story that I'm currently listening to is about a spooky forest with "shades" in it that kill people who step the wrong way. That should make for a nice brisk walk!


How has your Monday been?


  1. Oh yeah, I'd be walking really really fast listening to a book like that...

    My Monday? Left the house at 7, came home at 7...yadda yadda yadda.

  2. Don't step off the path during your walk.

  3. Watch out for strange flying creatures.


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