Sunday, August 16, 2015

2015 Project 365 – Week Thirty-three

Just another week in the life…
Sunday, August 9th     
Ms. Pinkie Petunia Verbena.

I am OBSESSED with this word game I’ve downloaded onto my phone. I had passed the Penguin level earlier, but today I made it through the Sheep level. Ha!

Monday, August 10th   
We’re not sure, but we think this squirrel is saying the Pledge of Allegiance. Although, since he’s facing the Nazarene church across the street, it might be the Pledge of Allegiance to the Christian Flag, instead of to the American Flag. Evangelical squirrels – who knew?

His & hers tomato knives. If you look closely you can see some pepper from a prior mater sandwich.

I did the 10 on 10 thing today. Go here to read all about it (actually, I think most of you have already been there & done that ).

Tuesday, August 11th                
Around the yard.

Square #1 of Pattern #16.

Oh mater tree, o mater tree, how lovely are your green-and-red orbs…

 Wednesday, August 12th         
I took a mini walk at work (I mowed later for my “real” exercise). Gorgeous sky!

Thursday, August 13th      
Very early Thursday morning Dr. M tried to capture the Persied meteor shower. He saw a few shooting stars, but wasn’t able to get any pictures. I thought these were pretty cool anyway.

On my daily walk I passed the house that mows about twice a year. They always just leave all the grass on the sidewalk. I kind of like to shuffle through it & crunch on the dry bits.

Friday, August 14th  
Our hanging baskets still look lovely.

The Board of Directors.

Square #2 of Pattern #16.           

Saturday, August 14th   
Dr. M pulled out Little Miss Sunshine hoping that she will help save our remaining sunflowers. We shall see!

My daily walk. I love that little donkey – reminds me of Eeyore.

Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. Fun pictures as always. I hope you also have a terrific week.

  2. I love mater sandwiches, too, and your mater tree is mighty fine. Pinky is something to admire.

  3. The squirrel and your comments are hilarious!

  4. Those knives (the tomato knives) look really cool. What brand are they? I tried to read the name on the knife, but couldn't pull them up.

    In the "Yea, me!" category, I finally figured out that I can put your blog in my wordpress reader. We'll see if they actually send me an email. Maybe, maybe not. I don't know how it will work with Blogger, but I'll figure it out. Have a good week!

    1. Pampered Chef brand...have a good week, dear one!

    2. Many thanks! I'll pamper my inner chef post-haste!

  5. Personally, I never trust squirrels that look like they highlight their bushy tails. The one in your picture looks far too GQ.

  6. I've never seen a meteor shower. I'm always living in a city with poor visibility -- and I go to bed too early!

    That grassy sidewalk is crazy. Their yard must be a wonderland for grasshoppers and other insects during the summer.

  7. I still love your week in pictures.

  8. OK - what is that word game? I ADORE word games!

  9. You got me humming "Oh, Christmas tree..."
    Spiritual squirrel ;)
    Flowers ALL gorgeous.
    What are all the crochet squares going to become?
    Have a great rest of the week.

  10. You two have such a fun sense of humor! That patriotic squirrel is hilarious! Also I like your collage of 10 on 10. The kids wanted to go out and watch the sky but I was thinkin, I'm just going to check Dr 's pics. 😁


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