Sunday, September 27, 2015

2015 Project 365 – Week Thirty-nine

This week was a good bit calmer than last week – although of course I still have too many pictures. Dr. M helped me out by posting some on his page – you definitely want to go check it out, here. You especially don’t want to miss the silly cardinal pictures.
Sunday, September 20th     
I went to the Wool Gathering today – a local fiber arts festival. Here's my first purchase. Don’t you think the sheep on this t-shirt looks a little maniacal?

This hat was VERY impressive!!

I didn’t count my meandering at the festival as a walk, so I took my real walk after my nearly 2 hour nap when I got home :)

Monday, September 21st     
Our Knock-Out Rose, Miss Scarlett.

I needed a change purse to match my new shoulder bag, so I made one. It’s a little lumpy & odd, but it does the job. Although it doesn’t actually match my new bag. Hmm…

Dr. M fixed the lawn mower – both handles had broken, so he reinforced it with some spare parts and about a gallon of duct tape. (Oh, you didn’t know duct tape comes in gallons?) It works better than ever now!

The moon!

Tuesday, September 22nd                   
I had a meeting at the local library. As I was leaving I saw this bulletin board in the lobby. Made me pause for a second…

Dr. M knows I love a field of hay rolls!

Wednesday, September 23rd            
My daily walk.

I thought my salad was so pretty that I had to take a picture (there’s spinach somewhere under there).

The moon!

Thursday, September 24th       
Square #1 of Pattern #19. Fun!

I took a brief walk around the building at work, being a typical person with my head in my phone playing a word game. When I got back to my office I dropped my phone on my desk & then noticed this message – ha!

I needed to scan in Dr. M’s passport photo & decided to do mine too. We are both agreed – mug shots!

Friday, September 25th   
My daily walk.

My one Black Eyed Susan is doing so well – so much fun!

Square #2 of Pattern #19.

Saturday, September 26th    
Around the yard – so pretty around here these days!

Square #3 of Pattern #20 (Yep – I sat around & crocheted all day. No cleaning, no laundry – just left the house once, to take my walk. It was bliss!)

My daily walk – the tiny little toad edition. I must have seen 20 (no exaggeration!). I had to turn on my phone flashlight to make sure I didn’t step on any of them.

When I got back I started a new project (a pocket for my new purse). I used the wooden crochet hook I bought at the Wool Gathering on Sunday. I love it! So smooth & lovely…

Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. Cool collage on 25th, and 23rd! Amazing what you find on your walks.
    How's the wooden hook working?
    Sheep Year--good year!
    Beautiful Black eyed Susan.
    No blood moon? Next time?

  2. That's a cool crochet hook. Very sculptural!

  3. Who knew it was the Year of the Sheep? And wonder why it starts in February? I just love the wooden crochet hook. So smooth and beautiful.

    1. Silly me. Of course it's the Chinese New Year. I usually think of it as the Year of the Goat, but I think I like sheep better.

  4. I think it was a Sign that you should start crocheting toads. What a perfectly lovely idea!

  5. That hook is really cool, althought I wouldn't know what to do with it.

  6. ...about a gallon of duct tape... How many gallons of duct tape will it take for the lawn mower to start operating on its own? You know, like a Roomba?

  7. I've got a very few old sewing gizmos and such from my mom, though none as cool as that wooden hook. I do have one of those old pattern tracers, with the toothed wheel and a wooden handle. It's pretty neat. And I like your squares. They remind me of an afghan that someone in the family made. Not me -- that's for sure. Mom had it for a while. It was teal, black, and white. Cool.

    Have a good week! It's rainish tonight, but I think it's supposed to be nice here the rest of the week. I actually have the windows open right now, and there's a slight north breeze blowing. One of these days, autumn will show up!

  8. I've got some repairs to do on my own lawnmower. I was hoping it could wait until next spring but we've had a lot of rain lately and it might be enough to cause the grass to start growing again forcing me to cut the yard one more time.


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