Saturday, February 25, 2017

2017 Project 365 – Week Eight

Still in Ohio. Still busy packing & cleaning. And with the added bonus of either a cold or an allergic reaction to all the dust. Aaaaccchhhoooo! We’re heading south with our remaining possessions on Tuesday.
Sunday, February 19th      
Part of today’s message at church, from Leviticus.

We had our annual meeting today, and I turned over the reins to the next Senior Warden. And they had a cake for me!

Monday, February 20th           
My morning commute – it was like this all the way to work!

I was packing up the personal stuff from my office. I’m still proud of these affirmations that I did (scroll down to January 11th).

Tuesday, February 21st                            
We had dinner Tuesday evening with our neighbors. They’ve been so good to us! We’ll sure miss them. (Ruth is laughing because I told them to act like they like each other - and they must because they celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary recently.)

Wednesday, February 22nd                    
Book club! Next month we’ll have two heads in computers - & mine will be one of them!

Thursday, February 23rd     
Oops – woke the Furby up while I was trying to pack him!

It’s a woodpecker, the Board of Directors (sparrows), and a nuthatch taking wing.

Friday, February 24th       
The only picture either of us took today – evidence that SOMEONE was trying to get into the recycle bin. They would have been pretty disappointed – that bin only has “clean” trash in it.

Saturday, February 25th         
Today we had lunch at Skyline Chili – I’ll miss this place! This is a four-way with beans.

Did anyone notice that last week I had two February 17ths? Ha! Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. That quote from Leviticus is certainly timely.

  2. Cincinnati chili?

    I've heard of serving chili over spaghetti. It sounds good, but I've never had it.

  3. A Furby! I haven't thought of those in a while. Love the bible verse -- how apt. And that is a serious plate of chili!

  4. Your two neighbors look happy together. Goodbyes are not easy. If I don't see you again until the other side, have a safe trip.

  5. It must be a bittersweet moment, but just have faith this will all prove to be a good thing for you both. Safe trip. :)

  6. v cute prints on the bin, my gawd that chilli is huge, anyway, yes, happy packing and good luck.

  7. A few years back my wife bought a Furby-like toy for our daughter that kept activating at the weirdest times. She hid the toy in the dining room and the first time it started chirping and making other sounds was about an hour after I came home from work one morning. I'm the first person to admit my mental coherence is not the strongest but that morning I really thought I was losing it.

  8. Nice that you'll be able to keep up with your book club. and just one more sleep and you will be on your way for the last time.

  9. Sad and glad good-byes are difficult. Nice to know you can Skype into your book club. (I don't think I like mine well enough to do that) Glad things are coming together for you. BTW: We live in Cincy for three years and I did not have chili once. My husband made up for it though.

  10. That chili... what in the world? Served over spaghetti? I've never seen or heard of such a thing. Maybe it's good that you're leaving. I hear they have great barbeque where you're going! Love the raccoon prints, too.

    Tomorrow's your big day! Travel safely, and let us know when you arrive. Well, maybe not the very day, but you get my drift.

  11. Oh, Skyline/Cinci chili. Sigh. It's such a...NOT CHILI. And not spaghetti. It's more like leftovers buried in cheese. I don't get it.

    Safe travels. Best of luck. Keep us updated.


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