Sunday, June 11, 2017

2017 Project 365 – Week Twenty-three

This week is all about the flowers (as it often is around here, frankly). If the ones on this post aren’t enough, go here to check out Dr. M’s latest post. Also, I joined the Instagram cult, so now there are multiple ways to be bombarded by the same pictures (& captions!) each week.

Sunday, June 4th   
I played the piano (!!) at the nursing home and then Dr. M & I took a drive up to the Blue Ridge Parkway. As I mentioned last week, Dr. M did a post about our ramble here. We saw this little dinosaur (wild turkey) while we were driving around. Ha!

 Monday, June 5th              
Ms. Two-Tone Pinky McPinkerson.

After our very busy weekend and a stressful Monday at work, I enjoyed some comfort food for the brain & body.

Tuesday, June 6th                                
For extra solace, I recommend wearing your husband’s shirt.

Wednesday, June 7th                        
I now have callouses on my hands from using the walker. I don’t think I’ve ever had callouses on my hands – I’m quite proud, actually! (Although I am experiencing this in my left hand, which is very weird & will probably have to be addressed at some point).

Thursday, June 8th                      
Dr. M with his neighborhood buddy.

We have daylilies in our ditch!

Friday, June 9th          
More daylilies and our funky petunias.

Dr. M brought home this very fancy planter for the deck!

The moon!

Saturday, June 10th             
I stopped by my dad’s house today to visit, but they weren’t at home. However, I noticed that he’d left a wheelchair he & Sue found for me outside (he needed to empty his trunk). I was there & so was it, so I just put that sucker in my trunk, while balancing with my walker. I’m not the least bit stubborn & independent. Ha! (Note: the wheelchair is for when I might have to walk pretty far - I don't really need it around the house.)

Later that day I decided to shuffle down to get an up close look at Heather & the impatiens. So pretty!

I’ve had a nice weekend with a good mix of running around and being lazy – perfect! How was yours?


  1. Love all your flower pictures...especially Ms. Pinky with the raindrops!

    I pint of ice cream and a good book will take care of a lot of things. Now I want some ice cream...

  2. Love the picture of Dr. M. and friend. I wish we could see more of his face.

    1. I'll try to get The Bug to do a post of Roy pics. We have a few.

  3. Two Things:

    1. Heather & The Impatiens is a great band name.
    2. If one can load up one's own wheelchair in the back of a car, I'd say One is not too terribly in need of said wheelchair.


    1. Yes and yes...except she really should not have tried that, and I may have to get out the knotted plow line if she does again (says the person who stubbornly loaded two moving trucks with only a hobbling Bug for help because, well, stubbornly independent :D)

  4. I think y'all should at least get joint custody of the pooch. ;)

  5. So I gotta know - what exactly is that kind of flavor of ice cream?!?!?!

    1. It began with the Vermont bond between Ben & Jerry and Phish. The result was this: "This is chocolate and marshmallow the way it was meant to be. Most marshmallow variegates disappear into nothingness. You can see the white streaks but you can't taste them, you can't feel them, you can't experience the true glorious marshmallowness of it all. Not so with Phish Food®. If anyone doesn't think this flavour is marshmallowy enough, I'll start 'bouncing around the room!' (to quote a Phish lyric)."

    2. So Ben & Jerry's concocted a chocolate ice cream with gooey marshmallow and caramel swirls, and a school of fudge fish. Phish Food® ice cream was introduced in 1997, making its debut as part of a special Phish benefit performance in Burlington.

  6. Sounds like a good week! I love Phish Food, though I try to eat it very moderately. And it is SO HARD when it comes out of the freezer that it's impossible to serve -- one of my chief complaints about Ben & Jerry's! That's a very cute neighbor dog.

    1. If it's been in our freezer, it requires a few seconds in the microwave even to begin to eat it, yes. However, if I buy it at the store, it is soft by the time I get home, as we are a geographical anomaly: ten miles from everywhere!

  7. Impatiens are so beautiful. So is that fancy planter. Love the colors. I know what you mean about wearing your husband's shirt. I wear H's robe sometimes. He never wears it anymore, so I guess it's kind of my robe now. Still feels comforting. That moon shot with the leaves is very cool. Looks like witches dancing.

  8. Wow! your poor hands. You must have to lean in hard.
    Good time to SIT and tackle all your unfinished crochet projects and unread books!


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