Monday, September 18, 2017

2017 Project 365 – Week Thirty-seven

Other than a cameo of my hairy legs, there are no human pictures this week. I know you’re very excited.
Sunday, September 10th       
I did my 10 on 10 today, so you can go here to see those pictures. While I was doing all that, Dr. M took a picture of our little hummer.

Monday, September 11th                    
I posted this on Instagram with this caption: Adventures in domesticity. I dropped my soap in the shower, and since I can't bend over yet & since my grabber does NOT work in this situation, that soap can just sit there & think about the error of its ways. On the other hand, my sweetie successfully folded a fitted sheet! #totalhipreplacement #healreadypickedupthesoap #sheetmiracle

Tuesday, September 12th                                   
Look at the fabulous dinner Dr. M made! There's are actual vegetables on there!

Wednesday, September 13th                              
Red-spotted Purple Butterfly! I haven’t been very impressed with our Sedum (it’s kind of a mess), but butterflies & bees love it so I guess we’ll keep it.

Our petunias & morning glories are looking a little worse for the wear, but still putting on some pretty blooms, which Ms. Hummer really appreciates. And Ms. Pinky has put out one last (?) bloom of the season – and Ms. Hummer loves it too.

Meanwhile, The Weather Channel apparently doesn’t know who it’s dealing with. Ha!

Thursday, September 14th                         
I’m pretty excited to see this number continue to creep up. Hopefully I’ll soon be hitting my goal of 10,000 steps (last reached on May 1st).

We had some pretty high winds on Monday (Hurricane Irma residue), and the penguin wind chime migrated to the other side of the swing. No ill effects though. And Roy’s owner fenced in her back yard so he’d have a bigger area to play in. We think she got complaints from some neighbors about him roaming around. Not from us though. We love Roy!

Friday, September 15th               
Heather is going to simply disappear any time now.

Saturday, September 16th                   
Look! I changed my own sheets today! Very exciting!

I’ve had to wear these compression cuffs on my legs every night since my surgery. But I got to kick them to the curb this morning (Monday, when I’m writing this). So excited! Maybe I’ll try to sleep on my side now. Plus, those nocturnal trips to the bathroom will be MUCH less complicated. Woo hoo!

I’m continuing to take baby steps, and continuing to remind myself not to bend past 90 degrees. Two more weeks of that restriction & then I shall start wearing shoes with laces! Oh, and shaving. What are you looking forward to?


  1. Love hearing that you are progressing nicely.
    I am impressed with Dr. M's ability to fold a fitted sheet. In my book, he's right up there with Martha.
    Hang in there. You've done so well.

  2. Perfectly folded sheets, balanced meals, beautifully presented I might add . . . WOW! Will Dr. M. continue these sweet services? Then there's his stunning photography. . . the butterfly is so beautiful!
    And you, Miss Bug, are making great progress. How wonderful!

  3. I don't think I've ever folder a fitted sheet perfectly in my life. I start out enthusiastically, and then, before you know it, I'm lowering my standards. The solution, of course, is never to fold them. Into the wash, into the dryer, and back onto the bed. Fini!

    That dinner looks scumptious. I need to do better. On the other hand, as weird as it sounds, tonight's wasn't too bad: cottage cheese with fresh cataloupe, yellow squash cooked with onion, and some steamed broccoli w/a little parmesan. Am I trying to lose weight? Oh, yes.

    How's work going? I think it must be just fine -- your progress is amazing.

  4. I'm so happy to see you make such great progress. LOL at looking forward to shaving your legs and sleeping without those compression cuffs. I think I'd look forward to the same things if I were in your situation.

    I'm looking forward to fall, cooler temps, and the end of hurricane season!

  5. Amazing progress, DanaBug. I'm sure all of your thousands of friends and admirers are proud of you. SWMBO's progress is slower but yesterday evening she said "I just crossed my legs, the bad one over the good one, for the first time in 3 months!" She's getting there.

  6. I regularly fake it when I fold a fitted sheet. Despite the twisted chaos within the final product as long as the outside looks good my wife doesn't ask any questions.

  7. So glad you're improving! That dinner looks amazing. (And very Southern!) Love the hummingbird pic, too. Our sedum is also pretty bedraggled, for some reason, but it IS blooming.

  8. Incredible progress--good for you!

    When I was enormously pregnant and unable to even SEE my legs, Rick shaved them for me. HINT HINT, Professor.

    Roy looks sad and blue, now that his wanderlust is tamed. I HATE THAT FENCE.

  9. shaving is overrated. I don't think I've ever walked 10,000 steps and I'm pretty active, but then I never check it so maybe that'a a lie. and poor Roy.

  10. It's the little things we forget out that we take for granted. Shaving & soap saving & all ;)


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