Friday, June 8, 2018

2018 Project 365 – Week Twenty-two

I had no idea Blogger had stopped emailing comments to me so I was feeling extra pitiful this past week as I waited to see if anyone had seen my post. I was quite relieved to see my faithful few! But how very annoying. I hate change. Except when I don’t. Ha!
Sunday, May 27th                   
Blanket update – the 3rd of my 4 colorways.

Monday, May 28th                              
Another blanket update – my 4th colorway.

Dr. M & I have been so amused by these Dr. Seussian flowers – their buds look like troll hats.

Tuesday, May 29th                                                 
Onto the next square pattern, 1st colorway.

So last year Dr. M brought home a rose cutting from his dad’s house & planted it in the same pot as our palm tree & we waited. This spring we saw a sprout & got very excited. After it had grown a bit, Dr. M put it in its own pot. And then it bloomed! As you can clearly see, this is not a rose. It is an impatiens. We are highly amused. We think it got planted last spring when Dr. M would bring in impatiens poppers for me since I couldn’t go out to the flower bed. I love to pop the poppers :)

Wednesday, May 30th    
Sexy Ms. Pinky.

The frame shop at work is in the basement. It seems like I go up & down these steps at least once a day (today I did it three times). Every time I do it I think about how this time last year I was having trouble going over the door step to get out on our deck.

Thursday, May 31st      
Calla lily outside at work. Lovely!

Friday, June 1st                              
New square in the 2nd colorway.


Saturday, June 2nd                                   
Our first daylily! Dr. M scavenged these from the roadside earlier this year.

I went to my cousin’s surprise birthday party & found my other cousin’s daughters. The baby is a cutie, but her older sister was my partner in crime. We just wanted birthday cake. Ha!

I’ll try to remember to come back here periodically to see if there are any comments, and maybe I’ll even reply. Hey, it could happen!


  1. Your crochet work is admirable!
    The baby's indeed a cutie.
    Hope you and the girl had a good slice of the birthday cake.

  2. We did - & both got blue tongues from the icing. Ha!

  3. Not sure what's up with the internet because I've had an issue with Facebook for a couple of months. I stopped getting notifications on my friends postings and it seemed my own wall was getting updated. Now it's back to normal.

    1. I think Blogger is just generally scaling back - it has stopped emailing my blog to the people I have in the email list, stopped automatically posting it to Facebook for me, and stopped emailing comments to me. I guess I'm glad to still be able to post!

  4. All your flowers are so beautiful!

    I researched the issue about no email notifications, since - of course - I thought it was MY mistake, something I had done and read somewhere that they are "aware of the problem and are working on it." So now I just keep checking my blog for comments. Sigh.

    I hope this is not a sign of Blogger scaling back - what are we all going to do if it doesn't work any more? Go to Wordpress???

  5. so what happened to the rose cutting? I'm assuming Dr. M took it off a rose bush and not an impatiens.

    1. It died. I think we thought that even though it died it might somehow regenerate & thought the impatiens was the rebirth. Ha! Dr. M has an idea to try next time - his dad got that bush by pulling down one of the branches & covering it with dirt (leaving an end sticking out) & then it rooted. We'll see.

  6. That's funny about the impatiens! Like Pixel Peeper, I read that the Blogger e-mail situation is something they're "working on." I think it's a temporary thing. In Europe we had some new data laws come into effect in late May, and people basically had to opt-in for e-mail contacts from businesses and web sites, among other things. I have a feeling Blogger is trying to comply with those new laws, although why that's affecting the USA I'm not sure.

    1. I also wondered if the European Union laws had some impact - perhaps in their attempt to set that up, they messed some other things up.

  7. I'm only here for the cake! LOL.

    That calla lily is a showstopper. Maybe you should try a few cuttings of THAT.

    1. I know - I should figure out the process for that. It would be gorgeous in our yard.

      P.S. I had cake the next day too - quite the fabulous weekend!

  8. That yellow calla lily is stunning. I never saw one like that.


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