Sunday, December 16, 2018

2018 Project 365 – Week Fifty

We had our Christmas cantata this morning, and then Dr. M & I went out for a late brunch, and then I crocheted all afternoon into evening. I am so sleepy that I can hardly hold my eyes open. I’m pretty sure that at this point I couldn’t legally be held accountable for whatever I write here – right?
Sunday, December 9th                               
I shared some pictures from Sunday last week – we got a LOT of snow! It was all very exciting, but it meant that a brunch that we had scheduled with some friends got postponed & Dr. M & I had to eat the French Toast casserole all by ourselves. Darn.

Cardinals are silly. Plus a woodpecker!

THE LAST SQUARE! (In this colorway…)

Late that night I figured out how to remotely change our office voicemail to say that we were closed on Monday. I was pretty chuffed.

Monday, December 10th                                          
THE LAST SQUARE! (In this other colorway…)

Tuesday, December 11th                                             
The neighbors went sledding.

And a squirrel got thirsty.

And The Moon!

Wednesday, December 12th           
I was almost done piecing all the squares together (there were four more to go), and I posted this picture in my crochet Facebook group asking for some advice about the border. Advice was given & I used it – but you don’t get to see the result until next week because I want to take the blanket to work & get a good picture of it. That’s right – this blanket is TOTALLY DONE!

Thursday, December 13th               
Quite an eclectic crew out back today!

Friday, December 14th                                      
We watched my favorite Christmas show – Olive the Other Reindeer.

Saturday, December 15th                                             
Our 28th anniversary! We had a really quiet day – our favorite kind. I finished the aforementioned blanket & laid out the squares for the next one.

This is our last week of work before we’re off for Christmas – a thought that simultaneously thrills & terrifies me. There is much to accomplish in the next 10 days! Are you ready?


  1. French toast casserole? That sounds yummy - can you share a recipe? And why does it look like there's chocolate sauce on it? See how anything with "chocolate" immediately piques my interest?

    I'm looking forward to being off for Christmas. I'm taking four vacation days and will be off from December 22 to January 2. Woohoo! Am I ready? Well...I need to pick up a few things and then make a grocery list and run.

    1. We're off the week of Christmas & New Year's Eve too - so I have the same amount of time off. Definitely looking forward to it!

  2. Very nice selfie! The glasses look tres chic!

  3. You're officially the Crocheted Blanket Queen!

  4. in my mind when you show the individual squares they are 6" square but I see that they are much larger. how big are they? I think the brown and the light blue and the black is my favorite of the ones you are doing this time. but I like the all white too.

    1. Dang it - I forgot to measure the whole blanket. I'm gonna guess it was around 80" x 54" or something like that. By the time I got them edged & joined each square was around 13". The brown in the blanket you like is actually silver grey, but it sure looks taupe in the pictures. We'll see if I can get a picture in natural light to show the true color.

  5. Yum, brunch. Brunch food is so good. We have lots of visitors at our feeders, too. And of course, the squirrels never go away. H gives them corn.

    Those afghans are pretty.

    1. I love all brunch food - that makes it hard when I'm at a buffet. I wish I was about three people - or maybe I could just hang out all day?

  6. That squirrel looks like he had to push aside an iceberg to get his drink! Love the photos of the cardinals. And that blanket! Wow!

  7. Oh, birds, blankets, bordered moon-sliver, basking squirrel, and beautiful friend!


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