Sunday, December 9, 2018

2018 Project 365 – Week Forty-nine

I am heading down to the finish line with these *&^% blankets I’ve been making (don’t mind the cursing – I’ve mostly enjoyed the process this year). Today I finished the last square pattern for two of the blankets (the ones that are Christmas gifts), and I got one of them labeled & ready to join together. Expect to see pictures next week!
Sunday, December 2nd                              
As I mentioned last week, we decorated the tree today.

Monday, December 3rd                                         

I went to the store to get one skein of yarn. But I had a coupon!

Tuesday, December 4th                                             
Ms. Pinky & Rita are doing just fine with their sexy tropical neighbor.

Wednesday, December 5th           
Somebody brought donuts to work!

Thursday, December 6th               
Our new shepherds - & Dr. M noticed that we had the perfect sheep to add to our nativity.

And because Catalyst asked, here is a picture of the books on the shelf below.

Friday, December 7th                                      
Dr. M bought me a present!

Saturday, December 8th                                             

I went to watch Sue’s choir’s cantata. They did a GREAT job – it was a wonderful performance. I also enjoyed sitting in the balcony with my dad.

And here is the reason for the snow shovel – we got about 8 inches of icy snow today (Sunday).

And I already know that I don’t have to go to work tomorrow. Woo hoo! What’s the weather like where you are?



    (we don't have a single flake!)

    I have to say--those are the most arresting shepherds I have ever seen. Their faces are...captivating. They remind me of the sculptures of the petitioners in the Cleveland Museum of Art. Incredible.

    1. Aren't they thought? Tom Clark was very "faddish" back in the day, but he really was talented.

  2. cold and wet over the weekend but cold and sunny today. on a warming trend.

    1. We got the wet after the snow - but today was GLORIOUS!

  3. We got snow, too. Staying in today. :/
    Your tree and decorations are so pretty.
    I used to make afghans for Christmas presents. They take a while, but people always love getting them. I still have one from the seventies that I curl up with. Still keeps me warm.
    When a girl's got a coupon, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

    1. I don't think I'll do this again for Christmas presents (well, and Dr. M would like me to just stop the blanket making business entirely - too stressful!). But I think I'd enjoy it if I didn't have a deadline. We'll see.

  4. Oops! That was me... up there, Jams. BB

  5. Nearing 60 under sunny skies here, suckers! Thanks for the photo of the books - it's splendiferous! And that Dr. M is a real kidder with his early Christmas gift, isn't he? Ho-ho-ho!

    1. Yeah - he is a real kidder. Although the one time I used it I thought it was quite nice. Ha!

  6. We really got dumped upon. More than twenty inches. No power from Saturday evening until last night around ten. Fortunately we have a big generator so we were comfortable enough. And we have Direct TV so we even had television sans Netflix, Amazon, and Acorn. I'm thinking you and Dr. M have quite different tastes in books.

    1. Yeah - you guys got it a lot worse than we did!

      We actually are closer in some ways that you might imagine - for example I liked Dune pretty well. Just not FANATICALLY well.

  7. I'm starting to wonder what the houses look like where your furniture ends up...

    A shovel is not a present! It would have to be at least a basic snowblower to qualify. Of course, I shouldn't talk - my husband is getting a shredder from me for Christmas (nobody tell him!).

    1. LOL - a shredder can be a beautiful thing if you need one. I did enjoy using the shovel - once. Ha!

  8. Fun pics:
    the way the present is displayed :),
    the happy/modern-looking shepherds,
    the festive cookie.
    Oh, they're all fun!


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