Sunday, January 20, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Three

Well this won’t take long – I have one video and two pictures to share this week. All righty then!
Sunday, January 13th                                 
I videoed the singing at the nursing home. Unfortunately I could only get me in the frame (sorry). Also I think I sound a little flat. But it was fun anyway.

Thursday, January 17th                 
A very red chair from work!

Saturday, January 19th                                               
We invited Daddy & Sue over for lunch (well, they brought the food – ha! We wanted them to see our Christmas decorations before we take them down). Of course, in the spirit of the total slacktitude that was this week I took no pictures of the visit. Instead, here is Christmas Bear sitting in the chair I usually use when I eat breakfast on the weekends. Rude! Although he was nice and quiet, which was good since I hadn’t had much caffeine yet.

If I keep up with not getting a picture each day I might have to abandon this weekly post, because this is ridiculous. I will try to do better next week! Anything in particular you’d like to see a picture of?


  1. You have a beautiful singing voice! the chair I usually use when I eat breakfast on the weekends... <-- Do you sit in a different chair during the week?

    I'm always interested to see people's kitchens!

    1. I sit in my car during the week - ha! I always make an egg, Canadian bacon, bagel thin sandwich & eat it on the way to work.

  2. What great guests who also bring the food.

  3. either you are just too busy or too lazy! hahaha

  4. hiya, was about to send you a story as promised, but can't find your email - can you mail me at Niamh "dot" bagnell and with an at then - you know the @ thing - at Xmail - but instead of X put a g "dot" com.
    Trying to make the description complicated so the bots can't spam me!! Thanks - this comment is going to show as if it's Mr VC btw...

  5. Ha! Actually, I think it's fine that you take pictures only of what interests you, rather than feeling compelled to shoot something every day. (I say this being compelled to shoot every day myself, LOL!)

  6. Hello from a first-time visitor to your blog. I have also considered a photo a day blog, and know that many fellow bloggers do this and rather than composing the "perfect" image they simply show things around them often while out during their normal "everyday" activities. It's these little things in life that keep people connected, so good luck with your project and maybe it will inspire me to start one as well.

  7. The video was fun, so maybe more videos!
    I am not taking as many pictures nowadays with my change of focus; frees me up a bit.
    However, it has become a habit and i take some that I never use because they don't fit the theme.


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