Monday, January 14, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Two

I just dumped about a quarter cup of cold water down the front of my sheep jammies, and one would think that that would make me extra alert now, but one would be wrong. Instead, I’m drowsy, cranky, and damp. However, I shall tell you about last week anyway.
Sunday, January 6th                                 
I finished the last square in this colorway and started putting the blanket together. Still not sure what I’m doing with this one.

Monday, January 7th                                            
No picture

Tuesday, January 8th                                               
Ms. Pinky is still thriving in the bathtub.

Wednesday, January 9th             
I impulse bought some new sunglasses. From the kiddie rack. Cheap & cute!

Thursday, January 10th                 
Dr. M drove by the church where we got married.

Here is the very last blanket square! I also don’t know what I’m doing with this blanket – which is fine because who knows when I’ll finish it.

Friday, January 11th                                        
No picture

Saturday, January 12th                                               
Today was the delayed brunch with my college friends. This is our 34th year – amazing! We had a great time. Every time we get together I declare that we need to do it more often. Too bad we’re all so busy. Shout out to Dr. M who worked the tail he doesn’t have off (he has no butt) – moved furniture, decorated, made the French Toast casserole and did all the things a good host does. I cleaned, but otherwise I’m kind of party illiterate. Thank goodness I have him!

Later that day I participated in that Facebook thing where you show how much you’ve aged by posting your first profile picture & your most recent one. This one is cheating a bit – I used the picture on the left as my first profile pic in 2008, but it was actually taken in the late 90s not too long after we moved to Ohio.

This was the first full week back to work after our vacation and I have to say that I was unamused. I had to get up & be presentable & act like a functioning adult for five whole days. Rude! Sadly, I have to do the same thing this week too. How long until retirement?


  1. Nothing like retirement! And yet people keep on looking for work (volunteering is also work). Go figure!

  2. IKR! they want you back at work after vacation. definitely rude.

  3. Man, you sure crank out those crochet squares. Super impressive!!!
    I love the shades - kiddo or not!

  4. I will not participate in that nasty Facebook game designed to show me what a mess I've made out of the last ten years. My WIFE tells me that!

  5. The ivory blanket will make a lovely gift. Hang on to it! Someone will get married, and you'll have a terrific present at the ready.

  6. You know your temperature scarf? Take a look at this train delay scarf!

  7. Ugh, that first full week after vacation or a bunch of holiday weeks always bites. We're really made to work four-day weeks, don't you think?

    Facebook tells me that the first profile pic I used was a picture of me as a baby. That would REALLY show how I've aged.

  8. Beware! In retirement you don't get vacations.
    I agree with Nance about ivory blanket.
    Love Miss Pinky.
    Them are wild shades!


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