Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Wordless Wednesday: Day of the Dolphins

Dr. M goes to the beach with a purpose: to find a high hide from which to shoot (with his trusty Nikon) all the beachy things. So it is no surprise that we found ourselves in a third floor condo with a huge balcony overlooking the beach at Nags Head. Weather was not his friend on our first two days there, but on our last full day at the OBX, Sol came out, the seas calmed a bit, and Dr. M had the best time dolphin-watching! As you know, he was occasionally distracted by dogs and their humans (not to mention gulls, turns, pelicans, and the necessity of taking his wife to lunch), but mostly he watched for dorsal fins and air blows. We gave you a sneak peek last week, but here are some of his favorite images from that glorious December morning:


  1. I only saw dolphins one time in all the years we had the beach house and spent so much time there. people would tell me that there were dolphins on the Galveston coast but I never believed them. finally one year, as an adult I was out in the bay and saw two.

  2. Our family vacationed at Nags Head every year when I was a child. We loved nothing more than watching the dolphins.

  3. Once in Mexico I went out with a friend on his sailboat off the Pacific Coast. He had me sit way up in the bow (is that the front?) with my legs hanging over and the dolphins came up and swam along either side of me. I almost could reach down and touch them. It was marvelous. And I love Dr. M's pictures of my swimming friends.

  4. I bet Dr. M was so excited to get these shots!


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