Wednesday, March 27, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Twelve

I’m a little bit late posting this week – which is fine because I posted so many times last week. Right? I was busy on Sunday sitting outside enjoying the day, and Monday I had stuff to do, and Tuesday I had more stuff to do, and the only reason I’m writing this now is because I’ve just decided to ignore the stuff.
Sunday, March 17th                                    
Bird shenanigans!

Monday, March 18th               
A different kind of bird…

Tuesday, March 19th                                              
Dr. M walked into the room & this yarn just flang itself at him. We don’t know why, but we’re keeping an eye on it just in case.

Wednesday, March 20th                                               
It seems hard to believe that Dr. M carried this phlox home from his dad’s house in a little Styrofoam cup two years ago. It has certainly taken off!

Thursday, March 21st                                                    
I spent some quality time crawling around the floor of my office looking for this spring (it fell off of a new time clock that I need to get installed at work). Someone on Facebook pointed out that I would have found it much more quickly if I’d just walked around barefoot. Duh!

Friday, March 22nd                                                    
I was having some issues.

We borrowed my dad’s truck to pick up a trailer last Saturday, but then Dr. M installed a trailer hitch onto the Bugly so that we can haul the trailer ourselves. He’s so handy!

Saturday, March 23rd    
And here is why we got the trailer – so we could borrow Dr. M’s dad’s mower to mow our yard. I can’t wait until he lets me try it out. Just because I once got my dad’s riding mower stuck in the corner of a barbed wire fence is no reason to not be confident that I can handle this one. Agreed?

Last week I wrote about forgetting my coat at work. Just yesterday I saw it hanging on the back of my office door – I think it’s been there since Friday. Any bets as to whether it stays there until fall?


  1. You're not late - it's your blog and you can post whenever you please.

    I love the advice about walking around barefoot to find the spring on the floor. Lego principle - ha!

  2. Love the composite picture of those birds. And who would dare tell you to walk around barefoot in your office. Really!

  3. No way could I coordinate those levers--I've got to have a steering wheel, or there's going to be trouble.

    I adore phlox! Who doesn't love a carpet of flowers?

  4. Love the birds, as always. Also, I question your use of "flang." :)

    Those phlox are amazing! They really HAVE made themselves at home.

  5. I echo everyone except Pixel. yes, you're late!


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