Sunday, May 26, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Twenty-one

This week was apparently all about food and the selfie. I didn’t really realize how many pictures that I’d taken of myself until I started organizing this post. Well, to be clear, I take pictures of myself REGULARLY just in case I’m extra cute that day, but I don’t usually post all of them. I guess this is your lucky week!
Sunday, May 19th                                        
Beautiful day! The Grilling Man fired up the Foreman Grill. And I finished a scarf using the remnants of the yarn I used for the vest I finished a few weeks ago.

Monday, May 20th                   
It’s hay roll season! I love them!

Tuesday, May 21st                                                   
My hair was a bit extra today.

Wednesday, May 22nd                                                       
Oh my goodness I had a TERRIBLE (but delicious) food day. This new job is going be a problem – there is always some kind of evil temptation in the office. I didn’t feel like real dinner when I got home, so I made a big ole bowl of goopy grits, eggs, & raisins. Yum!

Thursday, May 23rd                                                       
When I saw this vest/duster last year I HAD to have it. But it’s a bit…much. I decided to wear it today anyway & got lots of compliments – possibly for my bravery in wearing it, but I’m ok with that.

Dr. M got our house ready for Memorial Day.

I’ve not been too sure about the yarn I picked for my next project. It reminds me too much of a couch that my parents had in the 80s. But then my friend Becci at Feryl Designs posted these earrings that match perfectly, so maybe I’m in fashion after all!

Friday, May 24th                                                    
Dr.  M posted this on Facebook: “It’s not a bad leg...still strong, though weaker now than my left because of the nerve issues. Sometimes when I’m comfortable (read: in a recliner and stoned on gabapentin), I think I’m okay. Then I stand up for five minutes or sit in an office chair or a car seat for twenty minutes, and I know I need help. Don’t even ask what it costs me to get groceries, etc., for Pop each week. I’ve worked hard in physical therapy this month, and I am stronger where it counts. I’ll continue to work on core strength going forward. But the pain and burning are unabated, the deterioration in my lumbar unchecked. I meet with the neurosurgeon on June 5th...guess I’ll find out after that when D-Day is.”

I took a picture of the little topknot I wore to bed – it made me laugh with those sprigs sticking out. Please note that I am growing out my gray just to see what it looks like. So far I’m not really a fan.

Saturday, May 25th     
My breakfast – steel cut oats, fried egg, tomatoes, bell peppers, spinach & a lil parmesan. It was great!

Our single day orange lilies are blooming. They’re about three feet tall – crazypants!

I went to lunch with Daddy & Sue. The restaurant had these giant barrels that we sat in to eat. I got a Portobello burger & the most decadent chocolate cake – YUM. I only ate half of each, but that was a gracious plenty.

Meanwhile, Dr. M was hanging out with his Pop & got to see the neighborhood peacock.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day. It’s 92 degrees right now, so we won’t be having any outdoor cookouts. But Memorial Day doesn’t seem like the right occasion for celebrations to me anyway. Check out this twitter thread on the U.S. Army’s page to see where my mood is these days. I’d like to hope that we could honor the memory of those who have sacrificed for our country by taking better care of those are still among us, sacrificing among us.


  1. It’s hay roll season! I love them!

    That picture for some reason reminded me of the Mel Gibson movie "Signs." Cheesy sci-fi but it has a nice eerie atmosphere.

  2. Oh, I want a Neighbourhood Peacock. We have redtail hawks, but they aren't nearly as ostentatious.

    I like hayrolls, too, especially when they shrinkwrap them in white--they look like giant marshmallows!

  3. I'm glad you aren't the cook at my house.

  4. Your Saturday breakfast looks delicious, but your Saturday lunch looks even better!

    I hope Dr. M gets the news he's hoping for on June 5

  5. Love your humor, your selfies, your hair, your crafts, your clothes--great taste! Not sure about the food, though. Ha!
    My Michael also has pain when he walks too much. Hope yours finds relief soon!

  6. I like your hair with the gray growing out! And the duster looks great! I think it's very wearable. (Well, for you -- probably not for me. LOL!)


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