Saturday, July 27, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Thirty

I’m working on this post a day early because we’ve reached D-Day! Tomorrow we’re heading to a hotel that’s located near the hospital (a little over an hour away), and then Monday at 9:30 Dr. M has his surgery. We’re both very excited & terrified. I don’t know about Dr. M, but I might weigh 200 pounds by the time this is done.  
Sunday, July 21st                                           
This project isn’t finished, but I needed to block it before I could move on to phase two.

Monday, July 22nd             
Dr. M had QUITE a day. He went to the hospital for his pre-op stuff, and then came home to find out that his dad’s air conditioner wasn’t working (he has a window unit). After pushing the 130 pound old unit out of the window, and a couple of false starts, he got this new one installed. He was so exhausted when he got home around 7:30. It’s hard because although there are people who would probably have helped, there weren’t really people that he could call (if that makes sense).

Meanwhile, I was stressing out waiting to see what kind of state Dr. M would be in when he got home. So this was dinner (that’s peanut butter & honey).

Tuesday, July 23rd                                               
Dr. M’s brunch - grits, runny egg & tomato. That looks good enough to eat!

Wednesday, July 24th                                                        
Dr. M saw a field full of zinnias today!

Thursday, July 25th                                                         
I put banana peppers on my turkey sandwich & it was FABULOUS. Took that sammie from bland to gourmet – ha!

In the meantime, Dr. M was prepping for life after surgery.

Friday, July 26th                                                        
I walked to a nearby yarn shop (it’s a quarter mile from the office!). I was just going to look around – really! No intention of buying a thing. $40 later… I blame the yarn dog.

A butterfly enjoying our wildflowers. They look a little worse for the wear, but the insects & birds don’t care – they still love them. The other day I surprised a couple of goldfinches who flew off when I opened the door to go to work.

Saturday, July 27th       
I got an invitation to go see The Lion King tonight, but instead I stayed home and chopped okra (I also cleaned the house and did laundry).

I’ll probably jump on the blog Monday & post a quick note to let you guys know how things went. Have a great week!


  1. Dr. M's lunch on Tuesday looks WAY better than your dinner on Monday. Just sayin'.

    Good luck on Monday! Keep us posted.

  2. hope for the best possible outcome for Dr. M!

  3. I'll be thinking of you and hoping for the best possible outcome for The Professor. It will all be worth it when his back is pain-free again.

  4. I believe Dr. M must be in surgery (or just out) as I write this. Needless to say, I hope all has gone well. I think birds sometimes prefer flowers that are a little past their prime -- bugs are still hanging around for them to eat, and sometimes there are seeds too! I eat peanut butter and honey too, but never without bread. :)

  5. Since I read the last post first, glad to know all went well with Dr M. Yarn shops are dangerous places to go. I have a drawer filled with beautiful gorgeous silky yarn because I went to one of those dangerous places!


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