Saturday, February 1, 2020

2020 Project 365 – Week Five

This week had lots of selfies, yarn, food, and surprise weather!
Sunday, January 26th                                                   
Sunday selfie.

Monday, January 27th                    
I was just checking out the progress on the prayer shawl I was making & was amused that it matched my outfit.

Meanwhile, Dr. M finally decided to do some personal grooming. I had been advocating for braiding his beard or using a little hair band, but no, he went for the trim instead.

Tuesday, January 28th                                                         
This answers the question of how we keep the squirrels off of our feeders. We don’t. Ha!

My dinner – a pear and some nabs. (I might have consumed ice cream earlier in the day which did in fact spoil my appetite for dinner.)

The moon! (And Venus)

Wednesday, January 29th                                                    
Twins, right? Hoo boy this generated some strong feelings on Facebook! Listen, just because I don’t agree with anything she stands for doesn’t mean that I think she’s unattractive.

My newest crochet project. I’m using up all the fuzzy yarn from my yarn bin. As I said on Instagram: Genius? Hideous? Remains to be seen. Stay tuned!

Dr. M cooked a fabulous meal tonight, but there was just a little bit of cleanup. (The meal wasn’t very photogenic, but delicious!)

Thursday, January 30th     
I took these pictures intending to write a witty little tale about how I have to use this sensitive skin soap these days and how it will not adhere to itself, so when I get down to too small of a sliver to use I just have to throw it away (tragic!). But I got a fancy homemade soap for Christmas & this sliver is actually sticking to the Dove soap, so my story kind of fell apart & yet these are the only pictures from today, so.

Friday, January 31st                                                                
Look what happened today! Totally unexpected – they were calling for rain. It was very pretty & it’s all gone now, so it was perfect!

Dr. M cooked again. We got collards in our Misfit Markets box & he made rice, black beans, & grilled chicken to go with it. Really good!

Saturday, February 1st                
Update on my new project. The jury is still out on what I think about it, but it’s very soft & fluffy so I’m enjoying that part.

I don’t really want to talk about politics here because it’s all very depressing, but I just want to say that if you aren’t happy with how things are going & if you’d like to have actual functioning adults (who care about the welfare of ALL people) in charge of our government, for God’s sake VOTE in November.


  1. Definitely vote! Everybody!

    I like your crochet project. How big is it? What's it going to be, do you think?

    As for Sarah Palin, she's superficially attractive but unfortunately that's negated by her inner disposition.

  2. Already hearing the whining from a bunch of people about their favorite candidate not getting the nomination. Yeah, I too know that feeling but there is no choice for any rational person.

  3. your prayer shawl would go with any outfit. I don't think you forgot a single color.

    as for politics, I can't even go on FB or twitter these days and you know it's just going to get worse and worse the closer we get to the election.

  4. I have a yarn bin also, filled with many different types of yarn. I like your new creation with its different textures and colors. Hmmmmm, I may have to try something similar.

  5. WoW, I got behind on your blog. I'm not as faithful as you.
    However, I've seen some pics on FB.
    Interesting about soaps that do not adhere. I discovered one recently.
    Your selfies are always cute. Your hair is getting long.
    Your yarn projects remind me of some knitting I've done recently. I have a book with patterns for all those mixed textures.
    I'm interested in the Misfit market.

  6. Run for President - I'd vote for you :) LOL

  7. I would totally vote for you too!

  8. If you ran for president, that would make a lot more sense than your twin up there running...


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