Sunday, April 5, 2020

2020 Project 365 – Week Fourteen

Last week felt pretty surreal to me. It dragged & sped by. I worked and worried. Dr. M’s father’s Meals on Wheels got canceled (due to lack of volunteer to deliver), so Dr. M was extra stressed. This weekend has FLOWN by, and now it’s almost time to start all over again. But before I pick out what I’m going to wear to work tomorrow, let’s discuss the week past.
Sunday, March 29th                                                          
I was a little ambitious with my omelet. As you can see, I couldn’t even fold it. It has mushrooms, tomatoes, asparagus, and a great big ole gob of cheese. Delicious!

We got new deck furniture and spent some quality time outside. Which made our allergies flare up & caused a bit of paranoia. No fever though, so we’re all good.

Monday, March 30th                         
Dr. M saw a whole earful of cedar waxwings (yes, I googled it – that’s what they’re called – ha!), but they were so well camouflaged that he couldn’t get a good picture. Mama cardinal, however, was in focus.

Deployed my Anti-Bang-Cutting Security Devices. Seem to be working pretty well. So far. 

Tuesday, March 31st                                                           
I’m still playing with the Waterlogue app. Fun!

Dr. M is also still feeding me very well!

Wednesday, April 1st                                                     
Dr. M looked out & saw that it was my favorite kind of sky. It matched the painting that he made many moons ago.

Thursday, April 2nd     
Dr. M enjoyed the new deck furniture.

You should have the theme from Mission Impossible playing in your head when you look at these next pictures.

Meanwhile, at work, I had forgotten my Anti-Bang-Cutting Security Devices.

Friday, April 3rd                                                                    
When you accidentally set the reading speed on your audiobook to 1.25 it is surprisingly anxiety-producing. I listen to books because music doesn’t soothe the savage (road ragey) Bug. But this gave me heart palpitations. On the other hand, I guess it’s an option if the book is almost due back at the library...

Azaleas at Dr. M’s Pop’s house. Gorgeous!

Saturday, April 4th                  
I went by Daddy & Sue’s house to pick up something (we stayed well away from each other) and then went to CVS for some eye drops. I hadn’t been in a store in over a week so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I wore my handmade mask. Would you like to know how many other folks were wearing masks? Zero. I felt kind of idiotic, but I left it on.

It is so pretty around here! At least we have spring beauty to help see us through.

I finally pulled out my crochet today & finished one thing I’d been working on, so you’ll actually see some yarny stuff next week. Otherwise, who knows what the week will hold? I’m not sure even the Shadow knows at this point!


  1. Good for you for keeping the mask on. I'm feeling better already!

  2. I spotted that wisteria -- wonderful! I found something else new in your post; I've never heard of Sun Drop. I don't for the life of me understand my wholly irrational reluctance to wear a mask. Maybe someone tried to smother me in a previous life. But, I did order a couple from a woman in San Antonio last week. Since I jumped fast, I got one with bluebonnets and one with a rustic Texana motif. I just looked and saw she's completely sold out of the cute ones -- yea, me, for actually thinking ahead.

  3. All those flowers! They're just gorgeous. I'm getting my masks today, thanks to my quilter friend in MD. They're batik, so I'll look very tropical and snazzy.

    Like shoreacres, I immediately noticed the wisteria. I'm very wistful about wisteria; my grandmother had a huge wisteria hanging over her side door arbor, and it always looked like something out of a book.

  4. no one around here is really wearing masks either. I'm not really sure what good they do. gorgeous azaleas at your F-I-L's.

  5. That omelet looks INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!
    We had to run out to Target yesterday & pretty much ALLLL of the customers had on masks, which I was glad to see - but none of the employees :(

  6. Lovely azaleas - ours are long past gone now. I've seen a few masks here but according to what I've read, not necessary unless you are in close contact with sick or sick yourself.

  7. Blooms, pets, food, hobbies, the outdoors--all cheer us these days. Yours are wonderful!
    Fun to see what Dr. M does with the Misfits. Any good recipes to pass on?
    Great scarf mask. I heard the other day from our pastor, we need to learn to smile with our eyes!


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