Sunday, April 19, 2020

2020 Project 365 – Week Sixteen

Another week of a pretty much regular routine splashed with anxiety and random mask wearing. And lots of handwashing & sanitizer!
Sunday, April 12th                                                          
Zoom church on Easter Sunday. VERY WEIRD! But we had communion (I didn’t have wine OR juice, so I drank a grapefruit LaCroix). It was nice to see some of our usual church suspects!

I worked on a stash-buster project. The flower is about 9 ½ inches across. I’m not too sure what I think about it. That’s how stash-busters are to me – the colors are not ones that I would have chosen. And the amount of yarn dictated the order in which I used them. Just weird. But it kept me out of trouble for an hour or so.

Monday, April 13th                         
Miss Rita the red geranium is blooming!

Tuesday, April 14th                                                            
Your weekly Roy.

I worked from home & it was so nice to sit on the deck during my lunch hour & crochet.

Wednesday, April 15th                                                      
Thought my hair was kind of cute today.

They gave us a couple of different masks at work. I gave one of them to Dr. M & he was trying it on. I also made one of those ear savers, but I’m not too sure about it. We’ll see if it really works.

Thursday, April 16th      
Here we are, right in the middle of Bang Grow-Out Central. I look at this picture & think, oh come on – a little trim never hurt anyone! I just have never liked how I look with my bangs pulled back, which is why this phase is so dangerous.

Flowers! This is blue phlox, our knockout rose, azalea, and our little peach colored rose.

Friday, April 17th                                                                    
So when I get on the elevator at work I always try to punch the 3 button with my elbow. Lately I apparently can’t aim so I’m hitting 2 and 3 simultaneously. So I’ve had some nice leisurely rides.

Speaking of not being able to aim… Fortunately, the parking lot was mostly empty (it’s never full, and now lots of employees are working from home).

Date night dinner! Dr. M fixed some delicious salmon. Yum!

Saturday, April 18th                  
It was a lovely day! No planes in the sky, finished the square I’d been working on, Roy came by for a visit, and a cowbird checked out the bee waterer!

Just when I’d started feeling hopeful that we have all come together to fight a common enemy, the almighty dollar has raised its ugly head again in the form of demonstrations (at least some of them organized by right wing groups) to open the economy back up. What good is the economy if we kill even more people? And like I read someone else saying, it feels like interesting timing, coming just after we heard how devastating this virus is to people of color and the poorest among us. “Oh we don’t care about those people – we just want our money” I don’t feel like I’m articulating this very well. I’m mostly just sad.


  1. Is that a communion wafer? That covers the plate? Take advantage of the empty parking lot and practice, practice, practice. Figure out a way to stay completely within the lines. I know you can do it with a little effort.

  2. They gave us a couple of different masks at work.

    Had an issue in a COVID room last week with a couple of the nurses forcefully handing me a N95 mask wanting me to go into the room to fix something with an infected patient still inside.

    Long story short, we can't go into the room until the patient has been removed and then disinfected. Had a bit of a tense moment until the higher-ups had their discussions.

    My boss won and the issue wasn't fixed until the room was empty and cleaned.

    I still ended up with an unused N95 mask with it becoming my pandemic souvenir. Even had a crazy thought of selling it on ebay.

  3. NC Mountain Woman - that is a piece of pita bread. I was using what I had to hand - ha!

    Regarding the parking, I blame the poorly designed space. My coworker who usually parks beside me sometimes parks her car that way too and we know there can’t be two of us with such dubious skills!

  4. Beach Bum - SCARY!!! And you could probably get some good money for that mask - but if I were you I would save it because who knows if you might need it!

  5. I'm having the Bangs Conundrum as well. I've chopped away at mine before, but now I'm just tired of it. And a lot of other stuff, too.

    The neo-Nazis and gun nuts have taken to the state capitol to protest the lockdown. They're even staking out the governor's home. All this with the approval of the toddler in chief because "they're people who seem to like" him. I'm beyond sad; I'm fed up and angry and...sigh. Not even incredulous anymore.

  6. all those demonstrations were organized by right wing republican organizations. it's their new strategy to blame democrats for the faltering economy and make Trump look good. but even when they manage to get more than 1,000 out, the general population is for the most part against ending the stay at home orders.

  7. You are literally the worst parker I know! But I like how you own it.

    Is a stash-busting project meant to use up your leftover yarn? (I assume?)

    As for the elevator buttons, at least you only work in a three-story building. Imagine if you worked on the 43rd floor? You might have many more stops to endure before you get to yours! (Depending on how misguided your elbow is, LOL!)

  8. Yup (to Steve) on your parking skills. Sheesh!

    Your hair is getting a bit long but if you trim it . . JUST trim it. Don't lose those bangs! SWMBO has been doing bangs lately and I make a point to tell her how it makes her look years younger.

    And Roy, what an absolute sweetie. Our rent-a-cat, Matty, came in this morning but as soon as he'd had his snack and drink, he wanted to leave again. Cats are more independent than dogs, I think.

  9. Nance & Ellen - it really is infuriating. But I'm encouraged that the majority of Americans realize how crazy it is. I just hope that we're able to elect adults in November!

    Steve - I park ok about 90% of the time. Maybe. Frankly I don't always remember to check :) And yes, stash-busting is a way to use up leftover yarn.

    Bruce - I think I'm just going to let the hair go for now & then let a professional manage it when we're allowed.

  10. Another busy week you had. Hold firm - hide the scissors! I know a small business owner that is open regardless of the restrictions. I don't understand. She's not getting more than 1 or 2 customers a day and they aren't buying. I understand the fear "we will lose the business" but there are worse things to lose.


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