Sunday, September 27, 2020

2020 Project 365 – Week Thirty-nine

The world plods along. (Apparently unimportant) people die of COVID, the country feels fractured, people plan to vote for a vile human being because of unborn babies (never mind what happens to them after they’re born), RBG paved the way for a woman who may undo all of that good work… It’s hard to not be cynical, bitter, terrified, hopeless… But we are not without hope, and as I read recently, cynicism and hopelessness are actually lazy emotions that enable us to say “woe is me” without actually doing anything. But enough about the world, let’s talk about me! 

Sunday, September 20th 

Dr. M saw this Red-Spotted Purple butterfly, which as he noted, should be named the Orange-Spotted Blue. 

Progress! I didn’t work on this at all this week, but there is just one more round to go until it’s done.


We had a little gathering for my dad’s birthday. You can see his wall of cards in one of the pictures. I think he had a pretty good birthday! (Not pictured, because I suck as a blogger, my sister-in-law and niece. Sheesh.)

Monday, September 21st                              

No picture (see the aforementioned comment about being a terrible blogger).

Tuesday, September 22nd                                                              When I had my last mammogram they saw some calcium deposits to keep an eye on, and had me come back in 6 months, which was today. It’s all still fine. 

Woo hoo!

Wednesday, September 23rd

I posted this on FB saying that I was contemplating having it for lunch the next day & asking if it looked like a good combo. I also asked if folks thought adding cilantro would help. I was JOKING. But you know I tried it & it was really good! And cilantro would have been an excellent addition. Ha!

Thursday, September 24th

The Bugly hit 200,000 miles! The only witnesses were a flock of sheep (and Dr. M).

Friday, September 25th 

Baseball and crochet – a very fine Saturday night. 

Saturday, September 26th 

Just a few of the items in this week's Misfits box. 

Also, Dr. M went to the store for syrup, dishwashing liquid, and Q-tips. 

Despite the gloom and doom at the top of the page, I’ve started feeling cautiously optimistic. Even if the election is a disaster, I still see so much good in this world. I’m going to cling to that. What is bringing you hope today?


  1. I agree with your first paragraph and your last. I watch news and feel anxious in about four minutes, but then something will eventually happen that reminds me that we aren't all so bad, and maybe we'll pull out of this mess. Then I see something else on the news and the cycle starts again.

    Your afghan is beautiful. So are those butterflies.
    I hope your dad had a nice birthday. Happy birthday to him and many more.

  2. I go back and forth about the election. Sometimes I'm optimistic, sometimes not. I laughed about Dr. M's quick shopping trip! I've never seen one of those blue butterflies.

  3. You know, I used to eat cottage cheese (small curd) as a kid quite often. Straight up. Not too terribly long ago, I thought I'd grab some and try it again as an easy lunch.


    It was not the cottage cheese of my youth. This stuff was slimy and watery, and the curds were not all that small, despite the label.

    What has happened to cottage cheese?

  4. very pretty butterfly. we don't get those here. I'm just treading water, not despairing, not hoping, and ignoring the news as much as possible.

  5. I finally have found a decent cottage cheese, and am back on that train. Plain doesn't do it, though. I've found it improves greatly with a dose of cinnamon and fresh fruit (like chopped apple) or with finely minced green onion, bell pepper, and carrot. Protein with a delicious punch!

  6. Your crochet piece (afghan? wall hanging?) looks very pretty. I'm back to not watching/listening to the news. Just frustrates me. Glad your dad had a nice birthday.

  7. Your hair is getting long. Are you liking it?
    I've been letting mine grow, and am not sure about it right now.

  8. What brings me hope?

    I'm pretty deep in cynicism right now. Ask the question again after the election.


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