Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Those Trees...


Those trees are wearing
mighty fancy dresses
as they sway to their
slumberous rhythm.
My summer was torpor
and sweat running
between middle-aged breasts.
I waited without patience
for the zing of cool
(which just now as I
write this makes me think
of Greatnanny’s Noxzema).
This morning I shivered
and felt a great awakening
readiness stir within me.
But those trees,
tarted up like ladies
on a street corner,
say your money
isn’t good here –
we’re ready for bed.

DWR 9/26/12
(The poem is from the “vault” but the photos are recent – I just used the Waterlogue app to “paint” them.)


  1. What a great poem! Thinking of the trees as being 'ready for bed' is a great metaphor. And I really enjoyed the images. For a minute, I thought you'd taken up watercolor painting -- which you did, in a way. Very appealing.

    1. I wish I could paint like that! But yes, the app is a lot of fun. Glad you liked the poem!

  2. Fall - my grandmother always said, "is God's coloring book" <3

  3. Beautiful. Even with the watercolor app, our trees would just look brown.

  4. Great photos and a most interesting poem.

  5. Color is rare here so I can only enjoy it in pictures.


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