Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Post that Looks Like Project 365 But Isn't

We are home from NC & life is shifting back to normal (whatever that is for us). Amy's service was really good, with great music & great stories about her sassy self. I had a moment when I saw her choir robe draped across a chair at the front of the church. She loved singing alto in the choir...

I was going to to a series of posts about things that have happened around here, but I've decided to just dump everything in one post - it'll be like old P365 times! Except not sorted by date.

First up, Crochet Land, which includes my latest afghan squares, a temperature blanket update (as of tonight!), and a cowl that I made by request.

Next, I made five more Hello Fresh meals, with varying degrees of success. I'll put them in order here by tastiest. The Jamie Oliver spaghetti one was way too worky for me, but did taste ok. I have to say that I don't enjoy spending all evening in the kitchen, but it's been fun to try these different things. I think I might actually cook real food more often!

Next, here is something that caught my eye in the grocery store in NC. Um, just no. Okay?

Finally, from Facebook last night: I've been trying to walk at least 10,000 steps every day during the week, but I was a thousand steps short this evening. So I marched in place while I brushed & flossed my teeth (tricky!), & washed & moisturized my face (trickier!). That got me 300 steps. Then I trotted through the house for 7 laps* & hit my goal. Whew! 

*note: I did not actually trot.

So, what's up with you?


  1. Beautiful women don't trot; they amble. Those meals look wonderful.

  2. Next, here is something that caught my eye in the grocery store in NC. Um, just no. Okay?

    Southern biscuits and gravy potato chips? Yes! I agree, there is no way. Frankly seeing the real thing sort of turns my stomach.

  3. Wow...you are going some...as we say over here!!

  4. When you say "all evening", how long are you talking? And certainly The Professor can be your Co-Chef...? Let me know if you want some really easy and very good recipes of mine.

    Those potato chips have been around here for ages. I have not tried them, nor the other flavours--San Fran truffle fries, Reuben Sandwich, Gyro. I guess the 2016 new flavours are coming out, too. One is smoked gouda, one is Korean bbq. I'll stick with plain Lays (my downfall).

    1. Well, 45 minutes to an hour of cooking, then eating time, then cleaning up the kitchen. So, two hours? I wanted to make everything myself because I'm trying to learn (and we don't play well together in the kitchen - ha!). I could have made him clean up, but he'd still be at it. Slow as Christmas! This is why in the past he's been the cook & I've been the cleaner...

  5. I'm seeing those braided necklaces everywhere. I havent been brave enough to try them yet.

  6. I've only hit 10,000 steps once. even with walking the dog.

    1. But you work a LOT harder than I do! All that yard work - exhausting! I'm moving my feet, but I don't know that I'm spending that many calories.

  7. My blog has turned into a not-quite P365, or maybe always was.
    I was thinking that yours was becoming that too.
    Meals delivered sounds fun.
    I love the cowl, et al!!!

  8. This is too funny! I skipped my usual evening walk today and ended up making quesadillas for us tonight. Cleaned and chopped three kinds of peppers, chopped onions, sauteed with some bagged spinach that had to be used up, and then cut up some leftover turkey breast, added shredded cheese, and put it all in a tortilla shell in the frying pan until it was nice and crispy. While I was doing all that, I explained to my husband your "very worky" expression. :-)

    I love cooking and eating homemade meals, but on a weeknight after work, it all just seems so very...worky. So my big thing is to cook big on weekends and freeze/save the leftovers. What was it Demi Moore said in the movie About last Night? "Two days, I cook. Two days, he cooks. Two days it's soup and sandwiches. And then we have pizza." It sound so easy that way.

  9. I enjoy cooking, even though I don't do it very often and my results aren't always the best. But hey! I live with the world's best cook and even though she says she would like to never have to do it again she keeps on producing fantastic meals. That gnocchi looks good to me. Not so the biscuits and gravy chips!


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