Saturday, August 13, 2022

2022 Project 365 – Week Thirty-two

This week is all about food and selfies. Thank goodness Dr. M took a few other photos so there’s a wee bit of variety.
Sunday, August 7th           
A gorgeous Red Spotted Purple butterfly.

I found a zipper to put one of my zipper pulls on – wore it to church. Then I went to Daddy & Sue’s & had a photo shoot of the temperature blanket on their king sized bed. It’s a monster!

Monday, August 8th   
Common buckeye butterfly. It’s so pretty and cheerful on the Sulphur cosmos.

My dinner – toasted naan with sliced tomato, some parm, and a fried egg. Yum!

Tuesday, August 9th        
I got the necklace that matched my newest pair of earrings. Love love love!

Wednesday, August 10th              
The Braves called up one of their young’uns from triple A and he hit a home run! I always love getting to see the family’s reaction when their kid does well. Also, he is ADORABLE. Ha!

Thursday, August 11th         
I parted my hair slightly differently and I am not a fan.

This is why there’s no Super Moon photo this week. Sigh.

Friday, August 12th         
My snack for the day – black cherry yogurt, sliced banana, and dark chocolate chips. Oh my was that delicious!

Saturday, August 13th          
Today’s lunch – edamame, Frito twists, and lemon Nekots. It was good – although at least one of the edamame pods squirted water all over me when I tried to squeeze the bean out.

Dr. M had a rough week – he had some (non-medical) dad drama, and our nearly 20 year old version of Quicken stopped working so he had to come up with a new solution. I guess nothing lasts forever anymore. Harrumph. What’s the oldest piece of software or technology that you have?


  1. No red spots on that butterfly. I do love the buckeyes. And you're slipping girl, you food concoctions look almost normal. And what is a frito twist?

    1. Here is a link to the chips - so good! In fact I might eat some right now :)

    2. There are a couple of reddish-orange dots near each wing tip, but they're so tiny I only see them when I zoom in on my laptop. Also not really purple, but that's what somebody named it.

  2. I remember some non-medical mom dramas, so I hope all's worked out by now for Dr. M. Whether mom or dad drama, it can be -- interesting, and sometimes frustrating (not to mention worrying). I thought those Frito twists were pasta at first. I've never heard of them. Of course, it's been ages since I've cruised the snack aisle, so that could explain it. That might be why I've never heard of Nekots, either. They did remind me of a hilarious discussion I heard on the early morning outdoor show today. It seems that several people have engaged in the trick of frustrating raccoons by putting saltines or vanilla wafers next to a bowl of water. The raccoons show up, try to wash their food before eating it, and watch it dissolve before their eyes. I guess the logic is, "If you can't beat 'em, frustrate 'em."

    1. His dad has a medical alert button that he apparently pushed the other day because his power was out (his phone doesn't work with no power). We were pretty pleased that he remembered to press the button, but it was a bit hairy until Dr. M got there & figured out what was wrong.

      Here is a link to the corn chips - they are YUMMY. Although pasta would have been really good too.

  3. Quicken! Wow, I haven't heard of Quicken in ages. Is it still produced?

    I think the oldest technology I regularly use is a program called VueScan that talks to our desktop scanner. I downloaded it in 2012 or so, and it only runs on my old laptop. I'm not sure what I'll do when I finally get rid of that old machine!

    I love buckeyes. One of my favorite butterflies.

    1. Intuit owns the Quicken brand. In its current itteration, it is mostly an online service with planned discontinuation every couple of years to force you to buy the latest version. Fortunately the company does provide limited support for dinosaurs like me in the form of free downloads. So I'm using Quicken 2013 for the time being. The culprit was the latest Windows update, which tells me that it can't open the .exe file because it is no longer supported. We knew this day would come, but still, it was quite a shock to think that 25 or so years of data might be lost!

  4. You look good in orange, and your new stylish short haircut really suits you. Have you had that cut before?

    Rick used Quicken for ages and ages and ran into the problem you are experiencing. I don't know what he decided to do, but I know he was very irritated. Planned Obsolescence strikes again. Sigh.

    1. Thank you! I've possibly had something similar, but I think the length of the bang area is different - it sometimes gets in my eyes, but I think it looks better.


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