Dr. M & I went on a leaf-peeping expedition today. It was a beautiful day – mostly clear sky, brisk temps (in the 50s). There were some pretty leaves, but we figure next week will be the most beautiful – just in time for homecoming at Dr. M’s school. I’m already trying to figure out how to look lovely & still be warm for the game. I think a turtleneck might be involved.

We stopped for some ice cream (black cherry chocolate chunk – oh my!) at Young’s Jersey Dairy and got some pictures of the animals & general mayhem.

On the way home we stopped by the Tecumseh Land Trust (home of all the gorgeous sunflowers from the other week). And then took a turn through an old cemetery. And look! It’s sort of a family joke that everywhere we go there is a cannon. As the wife of a historian I have quite a collection of pictures of them. I’m just surprised that Dr. M didn’t get out of the car to pose with it.

I’m almost ready to let summer go. Almost. The marigolds are hanging on even as the mums try to overtake them. It’s almost time to hook up the electric blanket – which I will continue to kick off in the middle of the night. But, still, it’s only almost. Not quite there yet, this cool October day.


  1. Oh the trees are beautiful. We do not get quite the same degree of colouring in autumn over here.

    I must be from Afrika, as I immediately notices the little black child in you third last photo. Wonder who she is and what she is doing out of the hot African sun! - chuckle, chuckle.

  2. A great day out - and your photos are really wonderful.

    The glowing red leaves are so beautiful aren't they. The mix of autumn colours cannot be bettered, maybe not even equalled.

  3. Beautiful photographs. Yes, like it or not fall and winter are on the way.

  4. I don't have an electric blanket, but I am definitely kicking off the blankets in the middle of the night. Fun.

    Loved your comment about your dad and thanks for the link to Green Prints. Sweet journal.

  5. What delightful images. You are obviously in a very nice part of the world.

  6. ooooh. Thanks for the pictures. I miss seasons and the colors of fall foliage out here!

  7. Those are truly lovely photographs, The Bug. It is good that you are ready to let go of Summer, because it looks as if Summer has already relinquished you in a lovely way.

    Well you see something new everyday. I have never seen, nor have ever dreamed of seeing, a cow tent.

    That gave me a wonderful laugh. Thank you!


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