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I'm back with the Weekly Wordzzle! I know you're as excited as I am. I haven't quite solved the mystery of the last mini (you can read it here), but at least I think I know what's in the envelope now. We'll see what next week's words reveal.

Go to Raven's blog here to read the other stories – we have some excellent writers participating (and, you know, you too could be one of those writers – you know you want to, & it's addicting!)

All right, here we go!

Words for the mini: drab, dutiful, dusty, delicatessen, dart board

Phyllis massaged her pinky finger while she sat in the drab little bar watching Bill fling missiles (badly) in the general direction of a dusty dart board. A dutiful girlfriend to the end. Sigh. She was being a coward, she knew, postponing the inevitable. She thought of the envelope in her purse & the new life it promised. She had gone past fear to excitement. It was time to move on. "Bill honey, let's go to that delicatessen down the street. I'm starving - & I have something important to tell you."

Words for this week's 10-word challenge: English, edible, eagerly, elves, eulogy, estimable, entrance, education, extra-special, Energizer Bunny

(Ok, this is the point where I realized that all the words start with the same letter. Apparently all the "d"s didn't make me suspicious. Heh.)

Theresa English had been told many times that she reminded people of the Energizer Bunny – she kept going & going, but no one knew exactly where she was going. Well, today she felt confident that she was going to put aside all of their concerns about her lack of direction. When her eulogy was read after her estimable career in education all these naysayers would be swallowing their words. She would make sure that the funeral home served extra-special sauce to make those words more edible. She eagerly rushed toward her adviser's office. He was going to be so impressed by her new thesis: The Entrance of the Elves into Middle Earth. All she needed to do was get access to Tolkien's primary sources. She wondered if she'd need a translator, or, yes! She would just learn the language herself! She could hardly wait to see the look on Dr. M's face. And to think, she had always thought that history was boring…


  1. I forgot that I was in a silly mood when I made up the words (well, I'm always in a silly mood) and decided to start them all with the same letters. Thanks for reminding me. I had an awful time this week, so I think maybe I won't try that trick again.

    Liked your stories. Entrance of Elves into Middle Earth. Very clever indeed. Gotta love Teresa's spirit even as you feel a little sorry for what's to come.

    I want to know about Phyllis' new life...

    Glad you joined in. Missed you last week.

    Regarding your comment at the Daily Reminder - I recommend a book called ASK AND IT IS GIVEN... had a big impact on me. I should read it again, though. It's wearing off a bit.

  2. ha ha - loved the extra-special source to help them eat their words. Good stuff

  3. Have I mentioned how much I love the daily puppy? xx

  4. History boring? Ha! I hope you know better NOW, Mrs. Dr. M! :}

  5. Ooh, I'm starting to get interested the envelope story, now. You've got to continue that one...

    I love the bouncy energy of the second one too - and VERY clever word-disposal too! Glad you're back with us.

  6. I do so love your wonderful Wordzzles, Dana! My favourite this week was your first one, I adore cliff-hangers, though I really want to know what's in that envelope again :D


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