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Whew! I wasn't sure I'd get to a Wordzzle this week – I had a really busy weekend! But I wrote the mini while getting the oil changed in my car, and just finished the 10-worder. I think I'll skip the mega this week – I want to write a regular post (no poem!) for tomorrow.

Words for the mini: lawn mower, sheets and towels, smashed, bookcase, pinky finger

The sound of a lawn mower in the yard next door awakened Phyllis from a light doze. Why was she sleeping in the middle of the day? Groggily she looked at the basket of neatly folded sheets & towels on the chair beside the sofa. Oh yeah, she had smashed her pinky finger carrying the basket back to the linen closet. The story of her life - a task she had done a million times turned perilous without warning. It was just too much so she flopped on the couch to sulk. She must have fallen asleep. Rolling onto her back she glanced toward the bookcase and the envelope propped against her Dick Francis collection. Perhaps the throbbing finger wasn't the real reason she had decided to check out for a while. There were decisions to be made about the contents of that envelope. Sighing, she closed her eyes again and listened to the mower next door making neat rows out of ragged grass.

Words for this week's 10-word challenge were: charm, judge, flowers, mixed nuts, earthquake, politics, sugar and spice, bricks and mortar, neurosurgeon, blinking lights, plastic bag

"His family has all the charm of bricks and mortar," said Karen as she arranged flowers in a vase, conveniently forgetting that the flowers were a "welcome to the family" gift from her fiancé's mother. "I was on my best sugar and spice behavior and they just sat there staring at me and started talking about politics again. At least they'd dropped the earthquake topic. Booorrring!" There was no one in the room – Karen just liked to talk to herself. No one else was as interesting as she was.

She was excited to be engaged to a neurosurgeon, but did he always have to be so serious? She had mentioned once that his family didn't have to be sober as a judge all the time – and Rodney said that his father was a judge. Sigh. Perhaps she'd best call the whole thing off.
"Her family has all the intelligence of a plastic bag," Rodney said as he carefully selected cashews out of a can of mixed nuts, conveniently forgetting that the nuts were a "welcome to the family" gift from Karen's mother. "They don't give a fig about politics and had never even heard of the earthquake we were discussing!" There was no one in the room – Rodney just liked hearing the sound of his own voice.

He thought Karen was beautiful and charming, and hadn't really noticed before that she didn't have an opinion on anything – except shoes. And her family was just like her! Although her dad didn't care about shoes – his opinions were all about football. Sigh. Perhaps he'd best call the whole thing off.

The next day Rodney called Karen and got her answering machine. He left a brief message asking for his ring back. Karen called Rodney and got his answering machine, leaving a long rambling discourse about how they just weren't right for each other so she wanted to break it off. She didn't mention the ring.

That night they both saw the blinking lights as soon as they walked in the door. Each of them decided that they didn't want to hear the other begging so they ignored the lights & headed for the shower.


The Bug threw the book down in disgust. Just check your blankety blank messages! Maybe there's one from your mother. Didja think of that? Huh? Huh?

The Bug has no patience for romance characters who don't communicate.

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  1. The first story was excellent, an engaging and subtle read. I really want to know what's in that envelope...

    And your second Wordzzle was brilliant too! Very clever, excellently crafted. Karen and Rodney sound perfect for each other! :D

  2. What Sam Liu said! What's in the envelope? I HAVE to know! As for the other story, I tip my hat to you for a beatifully-crafted piece of writing.

  3. I can relate to Phyllis. My kind of woman. Always put off things you don't want to do for as long as possible.

    Loved your second one, especially the surprise ending. Well done.


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