2012 Project 365 – Week Eighteen

I’ve had the best day. Our power was hit or miss for about 5 hours or so, so I closed down my computer & cleaned & read & crocheted. Nice & low key. After a very stressful week at work I was glad for the respite. I was pretty wiped out – pardon my French, but I was in spreadsheet hell for most of the week. Thank goodness the big presentation is on Monday so my part is DONE.

Oh, and be forewarned – you’re getting mooned a LOT this week.

Sunday, April 28th       
The Weekly Squirrel.

Monday, April 30th     
Dr. M found these lovely poppies.

The State of the Bug – strangely excited that I can help Dr. M mow now! If you look closely you’ll see that I have water droplets on my top – we finished just in time before the rain started.

Tuesday, May 1st  
Lots of pictures today. Dr. M was communing with nature, apparently.

I took this picture near where I work – this blooms every year. Is it clematis? It’s so nice to see on my commute.

Wednesday, May 2nd   
A black locust tree on Dr. M’s campus.

Thursday, May 3rd    
These two goldfinches were apparently having some type of discussion.

Precursor to the Super Moon.

Friday, May 4th     
More moon shots – I love the progression of the moon coming out from behind the clouds.

Saturday, May 5th      
Another day with a lot of pictures. I wandered around the yard while the power was out. The flowers are in the neighbor’s yard. I love how the irises are always sticking their tongues out at me – ha!

These mushrooms are in our yard – we have quite a nice crop of them. They grow where a tree used to be in the yard.

Another goldfinch – so pretty!

Dr. M had graduation today. One of his favorite students graduated – and earned one of the highest honors.

Dr. M is trying to do something about the ant problem – they like to make a mess in the crack between the garage slab & the driveway.

Super Moon!!

Go to Sara’s blog here to see the blogs of all the other Project 365 participants. Have a great week!

Most of our photos are taken with a 12 megapixel Nikon D5000 DSLR, using a 55-200mm zoom lens. This is the camera that Dr. M takes with him most days. He also takes pictures with our old reliable 7 megapixel Canon Powershot A710.  The Bug uses our new Nikon Coolpix S6200 most of the time. If you’re interested in which camera was used for a particular shot, just ask! 


  1. It's been a while since anyone mooned me. I liked it!

  2. That is a novel method of ant control. I love all the trees and flowers, and those terrific turtles!

  3. your moons are fabulous. 2 people in my life so far have made comments that I must be a werewolf because I always look for the moon the minute I step outside.

    I saw a squirrel doing that once and it scared the everlasting fuck outta me.

    Your photos are lovely, much better than mine could be with a normal app-less camera. What one do you use? Although it would help if I looked up how to use the thing in the first place.

  4. great bunch of pictures. I take care of ant with soapy water. a gallon bucket and about 1/4 cup of Dawn. kills them and the ones left move off. boiling water works well too.

  5. 1. The ants are crazy this year, and, like most things, way early.

    2. Turtles!

    3. I wish I had the space for poppies. They are lovely.

  6. Thanks, Ellen! That makes much more sense than charcoal starter. Don't know what I was thinking...

  7. I saw Friday's moon just fine, but last night it was hiding behind brightly back lit clouds. Maybe tonight we'll catch a better glimpse. If we don't, I can come here and look at your spectacular photos.

    Ummm....what is up with the ant incineration? I simply must know the reason behind your husband's methodology. The recipe would be nice, too.

  8. Your flowers were gor.geous. this week!!! I think you should frame those pictures of the irises!!!

    loved watching the moon this week too!

  9. So now you have fire ants?

    I love unexpected low-key days! Beautiful moon shots and what a treat to see all these flowers!!

  10. B.e.a.U.tiful!
    You could frame all of the pics!
    I think Dr. M would like the one of you with nose wrinkled. ;-)
    I always enjoyed graduation day, congratulating, hugging the students.
    We went for a walk around 11 last night to take in Super Moon. Not quite as big or colorful as your pics.

  11. what settings did you use for the last couple of moon shots...my camera gives me fits trying to make moon shots

  12. The moon is challenging. The problem is that your camera reads the surrounding darkness and not the brightness, so it slows down your shutter to allow more light. The moon must be treated as if you are taking pics in bright sun, so I manually override my camera's processor. In old school parlance, film speed 200, f16, shutter speed anywhere from 320 or even higher in the case of the full super moon down to maybe 25 or even lower, in the case of a half moon or a low-horizon moon. The "orange" moon was a low-horizon shot, maybe around 25 or 30 on shutter speed. The color comes from pollution, etc, enhanced by the low angle, so it required a slower shutter speed. The next shot was probably at a shutter speed of 200. I have taken dozens of shots over the last couple of days, using a wide array of shutter speeds, but for a full moon high in the sky, my go to setting is 200, f16, 200...again, that's something I learned when I was shooting 35mm film with a Canon AE1, and I can easily match those settings on our Nikon D5000, but it seems no two full moons are ever the same, and crescent moons pretty much require a tripod and luck.

  13. All of the photos are great! That crazy squirrel is a hoot.

  14. Wonderful pictures this week, love all the flowers!

    Great week! I am glad you are able to get out and help with that yard work!


  15. So you set your garage on fire for ants? WOW!! That's a new one to me!

    You look so happy in your 'just-missed-the-rain' face :)

  16. your moon shots are fantastic this week, particularly the ones where it's peeking out from behind the clouds

  17. As usual I love all your moon and flower pictures!

  18. i want to be your neighbor. you seem to be surrounded by such beautiful nature. except the ants. but i suppose those have a purpose, too, yes? we sometimes get them in our house... but i don't think setting them on fire would work. ;)

  19. In Africa they told us to pour kerosene around the foundation of our little house to keep out the fire ants. Dr. M is just taking it one step further :)

    Such outdoor loveliness! And that was definitely some cool mooning going on :)

    I like to mow, but our yard is so small now that Ivan can do it in 5 minutes. No kidding! He spends more time using the weed whacker around the edges than mowing.


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