July Has Been Unkind

It has been a rough two weeks around here. And my real muse is still on vacation, so I wrote a really (Really!) bad poem about it. Really bad. I think it helped - ha!

July Has Been Unkind

The world seems kind of dark today
(and it is – the clouds are shades of gray*)
What else what else will come our way?
July has been unkind…

Joi, in the kitchen at her friend’s place
Shooting the breeze, got shot in the face
She’s ok, ok, but only by grace
July has been unkind…

Jodi, mowing grass went over the wall
Broke her ankle when it broke her fall
Her hospital room is starting to pall
July has been unkind...

Andrea’s dog had to go too soon
My car had a leak that cost the moon
And it tastes like cough syrup there in my spoon
July has been unkind...

I close my eyes and dream of rain
Soaking the earth & easing our pain
I’m planning for August to be more sane
Because July has been unkind!

*not those shades of gray – sheesh!


  1. so sorry. I've noticed your absence. Everything seems so much worse (not that your two weeks haven't been bad) when the heat is on and on and on.

  2. super rhymes Dana...and you are so right...July has not just been unkind...it's been downright cruel!!

  3. Only a true artist can make art from misery. Your poem is a fun read, and undoubtedly good therapy. Hang in there; things will improve.

  4. Someone got shot in the face? eek.

    Hope you get a better run of luck now.

  5. I agree, July has been a beast.

    On the other hand, we've had rain two days in a row. That is was preceded by obscene heat, well, we won't talk about that anymore.

    I do hope August is kinder all the way around and that your friend's daughter is on the mend.

  6. Not a bad poem at all! Here's hoping for a better August.

    I'm reading a historical novel that was re-named because of "the book." Now it is "Shades of Gray: A Novel of the Civil War in Virginia."

  7. Ha! I loved it.

    July has been kind of scary around here. I'm looking toward the end of August. Hope the heat breaks and the humidity drops and the thunderstorms go away and all becomes right with the world.

  8. Not at all bad -- good rhythms and rhymes! I hope cooling breezes come soon. When I lived in New York, it was always noted and commented upon that crime increased commensurate with the heat. I think people's tempers just get short and they start doing crazy things!

  9. I've missed you, Bug. I'd say July was all over the map for us -- good days and bad days. But many, many hot days and those tend to be "ick" even if good things happen.

    Hope next week is better!

  10. One of the most freeing assignments I used to give my CW kids was to write a Bad Poem. In it, they had to consciously use all the Bad Things I had preached against: sing-songiness, cliches, bad or incomplete metaphors, sappiness, insincere voice, unsuitable tone, etc. They loved it.

    That being said, this poem--IMO--makes a good use of the refrain, which in turn makes good use of diction, i.e. "unkind." It would have been really easy to use hyperbole, but you were restrained and almost Dickensonian here. Nice.

    (Whereas I think July has been a Snotty Bitch, really. My tomatoes are for shit, and I'm sick of a brown yard. Okay?)

  11. Love it, Bug. Isn't there a saying about sorrows shared? Hope yours are eased a bit. I, at least, share your repair pain-- but my dough was shelled out on kiddie teeth! Sheesh!

  12. Some of my best grief/sadness sharing has come in the form of poems...be they good or badl....they helped me form my thoughts and wrap my head around the pain. Maybe July will end better and August will be amazing. I hope so.


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