Monday of Unusual Size

I don’t know why I said that – sometimes you just need a good Princess Bride reference to get you going on a blog post. Or is that just me?

We had a great day yesterday – Dr. M’s uncle, aunt & cousin came for a visit. We showed them Yellow Springs, Dr. M’s campus, the local pet buffalo & Young’s Jersey Dairy. Strangely, we did not show them any sheep. I love it when we have company because we really clean the house up before they come. Anyone else up for a visit?

My car has smelled like gasoline for a couple of weeks. I had sort of noticed, but then Dr. M commented on it & made it real (darn Dr. M!). So when I got gas on Thursday I calculated my mileage. Prior to the leak I had been getting 27 – 29 miles per gallon. This past week’s tank was 23! Well! We can’t have that! I took my car to get the oil changed on Friday & they found the leak - & told me to take it to get it fixed Right Away Because What If Someone Tosses A Cigarette At My Car! And lo & behold someone tossed a cigarette at my car this morning on my way into work! But I didn’t blow up. I don’t mean to make light because I’m sure it’s a real danger, but it doesn’t feel all that dangerous. It just feels EXPENSIVE. So I have an appointment to take it in to the garage tomorrow.

We had some rain yesterday hallelujah & amen. We might even mow the grass this week. It’s kind of raggedy with the poppers all over the place but the grass is dead so it has seemed pointless to mow before now. Poppers is my technical term for Buckhorn Plantain. I used to shoot the heads at my brother (pop him in the head with it – get it?). With what’s in our yard now we could have a popper war!

I dreamed about my mom and grandmother last night. We were going to order pizza. Mamaw loved pizza (and Johnny Bench & Elvis - & the salvation of her family). Makes me smile to remember. It was a good way to wake up on a Monday of Unusual Size.


  1. Yes, please get that leak fixed pronto.

    Pizza, Johnny Bench and Elvis: a nice triumvirate!

  2. We got rain too! Lovely rain after so much drought. alas, our yard is now full of raggedy old weeds, some of which appear to making a move on taking over. Bech! Hope the leak on the car isn't dreadfully expensive. that would NOT be good!

  3. I rarely ever dream about either of my deceased parents. the last time I dreamed about my mother she wanted to give me a hug (something she never did while alive, she didn't like to be touched)and I was having none of it. very strange because as a kid, I wanted physical affection from my mother more than anything.

    and get that leak fixed cause it will only get worse and then all that expensive gas will be just running out onto the ground.

  4. Poppers can mean something else...


  5. I've never heard of poppers before now. I wonder if I have any in my yard. I haven't checked it in a while and I'm afraid to go out there.

  6. "What If Someone Tosses A Cigarette At My Car!"


  7. Never heard of poppers. Yard work is my husband's territory.

    I know about the cleaning-house-before-company-comes rule. And, for some reason, I clean before going away on a trip.

    And get the car fixed...hope it's not too expensive!

  8. I'd love to come for a visit! But should we wait for fall when it's cooler?

    We haven't had rain here in weeks. Our yard is completely brown, and I've had to top off the fishpond twice a week or I'll boil my fish. It's just awful. The forecast today is 97 and very humid. Like walking in a bowl of soup.

    What an odd coincidence: I've been dreaming almost every night about my father, who passed in 2000. I know I tend to think of him most during election years (I realize that sounds odd, but he was a great fancier of The Politics), but this is the most I've dreamed of him, ever. I find I miss him terribly.

    Fix your car. It's only money; you'll make more. LOL.

  9. I hope a Rodent of Unusual Size has not been under your hood. I had one in the spring that cost me a small fortune in damages.

  10. One of my daughter's teachers used to refer to the sheep of unusual volume at Colonial Williamsburg. I had visited with them (during a field trip) and thought he was referring to their wool. Turns out, when he and his baby son were there, the sheep answered his son's every noise with their own -- at unusual volume!

  11. In Northern Europe, we have had nothing but rain this summer. You can have some! I have never seen Buckhorn Plantain. Everything is strange in Ohio. But I also liked Elvis, and I´m still alive.

  12. I had a mum like that...wanted salvation for us all...I'm trying to do the same...but very different times...lovely thought though!

  13. Well, I'm glad you didn't blow up! Ha!


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