2012 Project 365 – Week Thirty-Nine

I have been having entirely too much fun using PicMonkey to edit my pictures – why I can include ever so many more when I put them in collages! Of course it takes me twice as long to work on the pictures, so this fad may not last forever. Thank goodness I’m only using the free features – if I were paying for a subscription I probably wouldn’t get my P365 posted until Wednesday!
Saturday, September 22nd
A very rare (for us) blue jay.

Robin had talked about getting a pill organizer so I had to show her up with my humongous one.

Mator Nation.

The moon!

Sunday, September 23rd
Our miniature rosebush has just had the best summer & doesn’t show signs of slowing down for fall. Besides this one there are currently around 6 buds getting ready to bloom.

The neighbor’s bird feeder – it’s just as out of control as ours are!

Pinky the geranium.

This squirrel nest blew out of the tree next door – looks comfy, doesn’t it? Heh.

The moon!

Monday, September 24th   
A cow. Staring at Dr. M.

Lovely flowers which the boy next door grew.

The moon!

Tuesday, September 25th
The State of the Bug – pretending I’m Marilyn. I had gotten up early to put Velcro rollers in my hair - & this is the result. See how extra bouncy & curly my hair is? Nah, me either. It was a waste of time. Anyone want some Velcro rollers? I’ll ship them to you free!

Dr. M stopped by a local orchard to get some apples for me & saw all sorts of loveliness – including a bulldog in a car. He makes me smile.

Flowers at home and on Dr. M’s commute.

Our crazy volunteer pumpkin plant.

No moon – it was cloudy.

Wednesday, September 26th   
The moon! (Still cloudy, but it peered out at us for a few minutes).

Thursday, September 27th        
Seagulls at a local park.


No moon (cloudy again).
Friday, September 28th          
Fall in our neck of the woods.

It always amazes me that the little squiggly worm on the left turns into the item on the right (a dish cloth).

Tonight we were supposed to light a candle & pray for a vestry member (they’re on retreat this weekend). I got to pray for my friend Kim!

We enjoyed the fire pit for a little while.

The moon! Not quite full – you’ll see those pictures next week, assuming the cloud cover cooperates.

Go to Sara’s blog here to see the blogs of all the other Project 365 participants. Have a great week!

Most of our photos are taken with a 12 megapixel Nikon D5000 DSLR, using a 55-200mm zoom lens. This is the camera that Dr. M takes with him most days. The Bug uses our new Nikon Coolpix S6200 most of the time. If you’re interested in which camera was used for a particular shot, just ask! 


  1. great pics as usual. loved all the flowers and the birds and seeing the moon grow and the yellow rose is beautiful and the fire pit is hot! (I was gonna say cool, but that didn't seem right)

  2. Love the pumpkin pictures, especially the ones on the cart!

    Don't feel too badly about your hair, mine doesn't like to do anything but be straight either. I gave up on it a long time ago.

  3. you always have THE BEST pics...
    great dishcloth, girl!
    tell your hubby i wish it had been him drinking it instead of me...

  4. You guys get such great moon shots! And I don't mean that in a perjorative way.

  5. Your pictures just keep getting better and better. I wish my pill container was as empty as yours.

  6. I love the bulldog. Hilarious.

    I wonder if that's really a pumpkin vine. Are pumpkins striped when they're young? It looks more like a squash or a gourd to me. But what do I know.

  7. We had lots of blue jays up at my parents cabin this last week!!

    Hope that hedgehog was at a distance...mean little suckers!

    Love seeing your flowers....ours are mostly gone! :(

  8. Loved the shots. The pumpkin vine was like mine last year...remember the one we had no clue what it was. Loved the pumpkin shots. I am not decorating this year. My allergies are killing me and I am not up to messing with hay. Tell Dr. M that his moon shots were amazing as always.

  9. Great fall pictures! Hoping this weather lasts for a while.

  10. You are the soul of patience, uploading all those pics on Blogger. It gives me fits all the time.

  11. Dana...I have been given a present of photoshop...hmmm...good so far...but if I really want a result....oh joy it's picmonkey for me...even the blessed daughter from amelieshouse..admits that it gives a much better script for signing a pic!!! what fun.

  12. Thanks everyone! I don't know what I'd do without Dr. M taking pictures every day (I guess you'd see lots of pictures of my feet or something - ha!).

    Nance - I have a system with loading the pictures. After spending hours on editing (only because I enjoy it) I upload them to Picasa (MUCH faster than loading them one at a time in blogger!). Then I write my post while the pictures are loading & it only takes a few minutes to copy & paste the post to blogger & insert the pictures.

  13. Well you two have had a busy week with the camera! I love the bulldog best. What an expressive and sweet face. I've always like their appearance, but I admit I am intimidated by the enormous amount of slobber they produce. Can you imagine the amount of time his slaves spend cleaning pup-kiss? It's a lot with a dog that doesn't slobber!

  14. I love your volunteer pumpkin, but it seems a bit small for making a pie. Maybe a pumpkin cupcake?

    And about doing something with hair...when it comes to hair, I have two left hands. Or NO hands, really, because I'm so clumsy with any sort of hair appliance. I just wash it, shake it out, let it air-dry and sigh a bit.

  15. I love my velcro rollers. So much nicer than a burnt finger or scalp from a curling iron. Nice photos. Looks like you had a good week.

  16. I really like the posterized photos. My fav is the bottom left. Good job!

    Yellow roses are my favorites, and this one looks like the ones that were scattered across my senior prom dress. Everyone has been posting yellow roses and rose buds this fall - I may have mentioned the dress. That's ok. It was beautiful and I like remembering it. I think your roses are prettier, though.

    My blue jays are gone now. Once the babies are grown up, they disappear and stop coming to the feeders. Of course, the acorns are ripe now, so they have plenty of food out on the table. We've got a terrific crop of acorns this year - I think all the critters are happy.

  17. Where do the seagulls come from in Ohio????

    I gratefully concede to the pill organizer winner!Mine only has one side...YOU WIN!

    All my maters are long gone...
    enjoy them while they last!


  18. will those tomatoes still go red now they're picked? if so then you have more than enough for a game of snooker

    Loving the Groundhog

  19. The tomatoes do ripen! I often pick ours a bit on the green side, because our little garden doesn't get quite enough sun, and the squirrels are mater thieves, lol. I bring them (tomatoes, not squirrels) in and put them on the table by the window so the afternoon sun hits them, and they ripen just fine. These are Mr. Stripy heirlooms, which don't ripen quite as well on the table as hybrids do, so some of these will be thrown out. Still, we'll have enough for us and the neighbor for several weeks. Two years ago I had a lot of green hybrids at the end of season (they stop ripening on the vine altogether once the days get shorter and nights colder), so we wrapped them up in newspaper and put them in a box in my office. I checked on them every few days, removing the ones that had ripened. We had tomatoes through Thanksgiving!

  20. Don't you just love crocheted washcloths?! They just work so much better than anything you can buy in the store, in my opinion. You're becoming quite productive with your yarn creations!

    I think we may be twins separated at birth. My hair is the same way; it just won't hold curl. Except when I don't want it to, like after a particularly hideous perm. The last time I got a perm (15 years ago?) I told Ivan to physically restrain me, if necessary, and NEVER let me get another. hahaha In order to have a little wave, even for a couple hours, requires copious amounts of hair gel or mousse, a really good curling iron and at least a can of hair spray (and not the wimpy spritzer kind either, I'm talking aerosol can with some power behind the spray!). I like the different fun effects you got with the photo editing!

    Your tomato photo has me craving some fried green tomatoes :) Do you ever make those for you and Dr. M?

    Will enjoy autumn vicariously through all the lovely photos y'all post on P365. Really like the pumpkin with mums photo :)

  21. Love those pumpkins on the trailer. That blue jay is gorgeous. I have that pill box and please fry some of those green tomatoes. I can taste them now.

    You put Marilyn to shame, my dear.

  22. Groundhog appearance--a first, was it not?
    However, flowers, birds, cows, squirrels, the moon and hair--not so!
    But ever beautiful and fun or funny ;-)


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