Short Stories

Someone whose blog I read used to say that she was telling “short stories” when she wanted to just do a list instead of an entire blog post about one thing. I can’t remember who that was – Ellen? Maybe. Anyway, I like the sound of it instead of Monday Miscellany – but you aren’t fooled. What you’re actually getting is Monday Miscellany.

Last night my dad & I discussed how if we weren’t using cordless phones we could see how I (in Ohio) had given him (in NC) my cold, but since we were using cordless phones we didn’t think I could be the culprit. Then he sneezed three times INTO THE PHONE. And this morning I sneezed three times. Coincidence? I think not!

I did stop sneezing & I don’t think I’m getting another cold. I might, however, be getting autumn.

The other night I was tossing & turning full of foreboding about something. It took me a while to get to the root of the matter – I was worried about money. That made me smile & relax because I’m always worried about money – I was relieved that it wasn’t some new bugaboo. I believe that my constant worry in this area is what keeps us solvent, so it’s nice to know that I was on the job.

Remember this hat

Titus wanted it (!) so I sent it to her & it had quite a trip. Go here and here and here to check out its adventures. A couple of weeks ago I got some nice gifts in return – here is one of them. 

Thanks Titus!


  1. One day many years ago, my model friend had her hair done in an avant-garde do by a fancy Italian stylist. It was for a fashion show. He put this round piece of cardboard on her head and spread her hair over and around the cardboard. When he was done, he asked how she liked it and Cindy said, "Antionio, my hair looks like a big pizza pie." He was devastated. I don't think his intention was pizza.

    I can't think of a single reason I had that really fond memory just now...

  2. LOL snort LOL (wipes tears from my eyes) YES - that's exactly what it would have reminded me of if I had known that story. Thanks for the laugh Rudee :)

  3. Hey, face look good in red. Cool cap.

    These days a lot of people are worried about money. What was it I saw recently? A sign that said, "I can't believe how hard I have to work to be this broke. Haha! Too true.


  4. Yes yes! That's me. Short stories!

    I leave the worrying about income to Marc. He leaves the generating income to me. Seems to work out.

  5. Both hats look good on you, but I prefer your crown of red wool.

  6. Your hat has had quite an adventure!! I don't blame Titus for wanting it. I think it's pretty cool!

  7. Cant wait to see the adventures of the super cool head topper!

    I think I've got a case of the autumn's myself

  8. Love both hats. I think you just looks good in hats!

  9. I just got back from "up north" and got a taste of autumn. I miss it already, because here it is still 90º and humid.

    Love BOTH hats!

  10. I'm still enamored of the Big Red Floppy. What can I say?

    I don't worry about money nearly so much now that I've given up any thought of retirement. One does what one can.

    I did try a number of cutting-back measures over the summer. One thing I tried was substituting generic kitty treats for Miss Dixie. She wouldn't touch them. So, off they went to the animal shelter, and off I went to the grocery to get what the local royalty demanded. Sigh.

  11. Your cap is quite the traveler!


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