Why Shouldn’t the Miscellaneous Post Happen on Miscellaneous Days?

 ·         I used to have a blog schedule – Monday Miscellany, Thankful Thursday, Project 365 on Saturday, with a poem or two sprinkled through the week. What happened? I think I’ll let it slide this summer, but I tell you come fall things will shape up around here!

·         I had a slight gain this past week (less than a pound), but my goodness, who can blame my body? I’m not going to name all the things I ate, but their initials start with pizza, cookies & candy bars. Sheesh. I mean, I can have pizza, cookies & candy bars, but not in the excessive way I ate them last week. For example – all three in one day? Not really a healthy strategy. This week looks much better so far.

·         Speaking of health strategies, I’ve done pretty well trying to walk each day. I still haven’t ramped up the amount of time I spend doing it, but I’m happy with my somewhat consistency (I “accidentally” took the weekend off). Yesterday I mowed a large portion of our lawn. I don’t know if I’m happy that it only took 22 minutes – longer would give me more activity points so I could eat more food (that really is how it works – imagine!), but I might have collapsed in minute 23. You never know. I guess I could slow down – I probably look like some sort of kamikaze mowing fool out there going full steam ahead.

·         So, I’m on the last Tess Monaghan book. And a couple of months ago I finished up the Barbara Holloway series. I need a new series of books to read and/or listen to in my car. I like series because you get to know the main character really well, and it doesn’t require any thought to pick out the next book. Any recommendations out there? I’ve already read all the Eve Dallas books too. As you can see, I prefer the female sleuth. Although I’m open to a male one.

·         Did you know that when your yarn is “fuzzier” (my technical term for the weight of yarn), the item you make “might” be bigger than the same item made with less fuzzy yarn? And yes, I did count all the rows correctly thankyouverymuch. Lesson learned. Anyone out there have a really large head? And maybe a lot of dreadlocks you’d like to cover up in a jaunty red?

HOUS*     *Hat of Unusual Size

The "normal" one



  1. I saw a group of the red hat/purple dress gang over in Prescott today heading for lunch.

    I really like your look in that "normal" hat though. A little French mademoiselle!

  2. When I saw that hot chick wearing hats I thought at first it was Kate Middleton. Better still, our very own Bug!

  3. You just may start a new trend...like the royal wedding hats. I can't believe how well you did with the first one. Wow! Looks great.

  4. Don't beat yourself up over less than a pound gained. Everyone slips up every now and then. If you don't indulge every so often, it's a lot more difficult to stick to a diet the rest of the time.

    One of my (very thin) co-workers is extremely strict and disciplined with her diet during the week. However, on the weekend, "nothing has calories, nothing counts."

    I'm going to adopt her strategy. So far, I have the weekends down pat.

  5. Too bad handwork doesn't count for calorie burns, cuz girl, you have all the right moves goin' on with that green one.

    I have been forced into walking the dog since Friday. Four miles a day. Need a big dog to walk?

  6. I love the hats. Do you sell them? I love the red one best...but youare right...it is rather large.

  7. I love the red color of your hat and the fuzzy edges. Perhaps you could stitch in a lining on the inside and use it for a handbag. Then crochet a smaller version for a matching hat.

    I think there are not enough hours in the day to do all the things you want to fit into your summer, Dana. Keep trying, though. Your zest for life is inspiring.

    I sometimes find the more I try not to eat something, the more of it I eat because I am focused on the darn thing. I am trying to focus on fruit this summer and have been somewhat successful. I had rhubarb today, cherries yesterday and blueberries. Apples and bananas the day before and strawberries.

    Thank you for sharing your progress. Your mowing work has inspired me to garden more. =D

  8. Um, it's very...fluffy. Nice color though. Just not for me. It's a rare day I wear red.

  9. Re. the books, have you read Nevada Barr and Patricia Cornwell? They both write about female detectives, I believe. (I haven't read them myself, but my mom is into mystery novels and she liked them.)

    That red hat is pretty awesome, actually. But you're right -- it needs someone with really big hair.

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  11. Sometimes my syntax gets convoluted by Dutch....
    What I meant to say is that I've been a vegetarian for over 40 years; and, yet, my body and mind go thru bouts of OCD. Thus, I have a very healthy lifestyle that is often sabotaged. :) What I do know, though, is that junk food is literally addictive. I mean that starch, sugar, fat = foodism.
    Jus like alcohol = alcoholism;
    and drugs = drug addiction....

    *Of course, not everyone IS OCD. But those who are 'foodies' need to watch their intake of 'trigger' foods just like alcoholics and drug addicts need to watch their intake of what sets them off. With that in mind maybe you'll be less hard on yourself, knowing that your body is craving what you need to fill with substance - and initially fight and curtail snack foods - replacing fatty, sugary, starchy processed foods with healthier foods (which can be tasty too).

    Best of luck - and I love your green hat on you!

  12. Maybe you could send the red one to The Hulk? ;)


  13. I love the "normal" hat. I'm pretty keen on the idea of turning the big one into a bag. ;)

    I'm one and a half weeks into my "this time I'm going to DO IT, doggone it!" diet. I'm all about counting calories, and week one I was down two pounds. I haven't had the courage to check back since that bag of Oreos cruised through the house...

    Interesting, about those trigger foods. Sugar's my thing, and once I get a taste, there's no stopping me. So, better to avoid the taste altogether. I do like that "be serious during the week, have some fun on the weekend" routine, though. Something else to consider.

  14. Maybe the Tax Pig could use a red beret.

  15. Hehe, lovin the hats. May I recommend Jim Butcher's Dresden Files series? The audio versions are read brilliantly by James Marsters - Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    A slight gain is better than a big gain and anyway it's prbably an extra cup of tea you had or something.

  16. I am The Hulk! I love that red hat! Love, love, love it! Can we swap something? I have a spare child...

  17. Steve - I've read most of the Nevada Barr books (need to check to see which ones I've missed). I like Scarpetta ok, but for some reason stopped reading that series a while back. I forgot to mention that I've read all the Dana Stabenow books too...

    I probably wouldn't carry a giant red handbag (& me, sew? Ha!), but giving the hat to the Tax Time Pig is a definite possibility. Maybe I'll just stop by sometime when no one is home & put it on his head as a surprise.

    Argent - Ooh - I LOVE James Marsters (by coincidence, Dr. M just downloaded the Buffy musical today). I'll definitely check those books out.

    Nance - LOLOL - that IS me!

    Titus - you definitely have the hair for this hat!

  18. Consistency is everything where exercise is concerned. I know this, but... Keep up the good work.

    Love, love, love the hats!

  19. The colors are both great, but perhaps you and a very close friend could share the red one...at the same time? Lovely work, regardless.

    I fell off the wagon and bike in NYC, but walked about a kajillion miles. The heat is supposed to back off tomorrow so I will be out fir a rude! Hang in there.

  20. yeah - the red hat is fun, but the "normal" one looks nicer

  21. I'm very impressed with your hats.


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