2013 Project 365 – Week Forty-Six

This week was a little bit calmer than last week – although it felt like I spent most of my time trying to leave my office (I had to get crochet supplies for Dr. M’s gift, have my oil changed, pick up my new glasses and get two fillings replaced – that’s a lot of things to fit into a 30 minute lunch hour. Ha!).

Sunday, November 10th  
This was another one of those days where we realized that we hadn’t taken a picture. Thankfully Mr. Moon obliged.

Monday, November 11th  
Dr. M stopped on his way home from school to take some leaf pictures through his moon roof & look what he saw!! The consensus is that it’s a screech owl.

He also saw this annoyed looking Jersey :)

The Tax Time Pig! (A little more in focus this week)

Tuesday, November 12th         
We had snow on the ground when we woke up today. 

The moon!

And a lovely sunset on his campus.

Wednesday, November 13th    
Dr. M’s birthday! I went to the grocery store to get something sweet for him (really for me – ha!) and I saw this really cute cake! It’s perfect for me (who needs actual cake when you can have icing?), but I knew he would appreciate cannoli more.

Dr. M took this leaf carpet picture – lovely!

We went out for Mexican food – he had the pollo en mole.

Here’s his present, all finished up. What an interesting little project this was (if I make another one I have to figure out how to keep the head from looking like a fez!)!

Thursday, November 14th  
The moon!

Friday, November 15th
Dr. M & I went to watch the women’s volleyball game at his school. It was senior night - & they won! (I was fascinated by the referee’s beard – I don’t know why!)

Saturday, November 16th       
Lots of pictures today. First of all, Dr. M trimmed Pinky back a bit & presented me with this vase of flowers for my desk. So sweet…

Then we went on a ramble and saw, guess what? Sheep!

I was trying to take a picture of the pigs & got photobombed by this cow.

Here’s the whole tableau.

A couple of weeks ago SouthLakesMom sent this scarf as a thanks for the one I sent her. It’s really long, but she had mentioned that one way to wear it would be to wrap it around my head – it’s really warm & cozy this way! Please note the bicycle motif :) Thanks Kelly!

Go to Mamma Fran’s blog here to see the blogs of all the other Project 365 participants. Have a great week!

Most of our photos are taken with a 12 megapixel Nikon D5000 DSLR, using a 55-200mm zoom lens. This is the camera that Dr. M takes with him most days. He also takes pictures with our old reliable 7 megapixel Canon Powershot A710.  The Bug uses our new Nikon Coolpix S6200 most of the time. If you’re interested in which camera was used for a particular shot, just ask! 


  1. The tax pig's legs look just like mine. especially the underdeveloped knees.

  2. Hah - your Sunday picture and comment made me laugh out loud. I can totally relate to that.

    And I would love a cake like that...I'm pretty sure they would have it in chocolate frosting, too, wouldn't they?

  3. tax time outfit courtesy of Dana, all crocheted up? little lambs and geraniums. good.

  4. That screech owl is fantastic -- how does Dr. M have that kind of luck with birds? wow!

    The TT Pig looks like a piece of candy corn, and I think the sheep in fez is just perfect!

    Glad you like the scarf. It's an infinity one so you can wrap twice or 3 times even on a really cold day!

    1. Pure luck! I just stopped in the middle of the road to take pics of the leaves overhead, and there was the owl!

  5. Had to give the doggy cake a second look, it seemed real for a second.

  6. Love the snow pictures. This time of year I always get excited, wondering if THIS will be the year we get some snow here. I'm usually disappointed come March, but for now, I'm still optimistic. Thanks for sharing. :)


  7. the cake made me smile, i love the owl shots and always pleased to see TTP

  8. All the pics are great, but Mr.Owl and that funky tree really ministered to me. Awesome!

  9. That cow knows it's way cuter than those pigs.

  10. Seeing that owl during the day is a neat discovery!

    I like the cake and the present!

    And yes, the ref's beard is interesting.

  11. Sorry but as Norman Mailer would say, "I fugging love Dr. M's photos!"

  12. That is the cutest cake I've ever seen. Here's the thing. I think I could make it. It actually looks doable.

    Snow! I want some.

  13. That owl is amazing!

    How did you get Dr. M in black and white and the food in color? Are you colorizing?


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