Monday Miscellany

First of all, shingles update: No nerve pain to speak of, the ugly rash on my leg feels similar to a bad sunburn. So, really, no big deal. I'm so thankful & amazed! That antiviral medicine really really works! Thanks to L & J (a couple of nurse friends) for "making" me go to urgent care last Sunday!!

Next, here's my week, as told in Facebook posts...

Tuesday: Experimenting with coasters.

Saturday: Spent the afternoon at a baby shower & made a friend.

(From Dr. M's Facebook page): Red-bellied woodpecker, 1/30/16


Just had a serious conversation with Dr. M while wearing this (hat on the left). He didn't seem to notice. ‪#‎crochetspouse‬ (Finished hat on the right)

Temperature blanket update: the month of January is 8.5 inches long, had a little bit of snow, some really cold temps, and some really warm ones (I wasn't expecting to use green until March!). The blanket is 56" wide. I'm hoping the non-snow months won't be quite as long (adding the white yarn makes that row a little taller). After much soul searching I decided to use gray to mark the end of the month.

Did anything interesting happen in your life this past week?


  1. I love both of the coasters! Wool coasters are the BEST!!!

  2. Isn't it wonderful to live in America where we have access to good healthcare?? I've thought so many times what a blessing it is to even have Advil readily available. So many don't.

    Hilarious that your hat went unnoticed. :)

  3. As you know, our son had brain surgery last week and that was both interesting and terrifying. Love the colors in your long blanket.

  4. You're very skillful with crochet. The coasters, hats, and blanket look beautiful.

  5. That blanket is looking lovely already. It will definitely be an heirloom when you are done. Glad you are having a "mild" case of shingles.

  6. I'm liking the temperature blanket.
    I've been crocheting also--scrubbies out of produce net bags, more functional than pretty.

  7. I always wonder why this woodpecker is called the "red-bellied woodpecker" when clearly the back of his head is red!

    Hilarious about your conversation with hat!

  8. I think you need to add a colour Key to either your sidebar or at least all blanket posts so we can recall what each shade represents.

    Like you don't have enough to do. ;-)

    Glad the shingles are subsiding somewhat.

  9. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog Dana. The photos are not good as the weather was awful and the light was poor when I took them.

  10. I remember those crocheted coasters. And, we used to have little thingies we slipped glasses into. They were the precursors of koozies, I suppose.

    I'm so glad your shingles hasn't turned into a full blown disaster. All things considered, when I stop and think about the number of things that can go wrong with the human body, most of us as blessed to have as few problems as we do.

    Did anything happen in my world this week? Let's see... went to work. Came home. Went to work. Played with cat. That's about it -- good enough for me.

  11. Thank goodness that your shingles are not as bad as they could be. I got the shot and hope that it will work. They say that even if you get shingles after taking the shot, it will be a mild case. Hope that's true. I'm a believer.

    Like Shore, I remember those coasters, too, and the thingies that hugged the glass.

  12. Loved the coaster and hat. I hope your bout with the shingles ends quickly. I know it is very painful. I thought my mom would lose her mind....seriously when she had them.


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