Sunday, June 4, 2017

2017 Project 365 – Week Twenty-two

It is very tempting to talk about all the ways in which I’m falling apart, but I’ll save that for a specific Whining Post, so you can know to scroll right on past it. I will say that it’s heartening the way that people are so solicitous when they see me coming with the walker (as well they should - I'm a menace with that thing!). I’m embarrassed by it, but it’s still nice to know that people are paying attention to the gimps of the world. Also, I’ll post this again next week, but Dr. M & I took a nice Blue Ridge Parkway ramble today & he posted some of our pictures. Go here to see them.

Sunday, May 28th   
I did the nursing home/church routine and then later Dr. M & I drove around. I posted this picture on Facebook & you should have seen some of the commentary. People have very dirty minds (she said self-righteously).

Monday, May 29th              
Memorial Day at the Bug Household.

I am enamored of all the prickly pear cacti that we see around! I might have to have some for our yard.

Dr. M’s good buddy, Roy, came over for an ear scratch. We like having a neighbor-dog – and no we don’t want a dog of our own :)

Tuesday, May 30th                                
As Dr. M said, we have the furriest birds ever!

Wednesday, May 31st                       
My sweetheart made a sweet heart of impatiens for me!

Thursday, June 1st                      
No picture! Well, we took one, but it was the same as the one we took on the 2nd & that one is much better, so…

Friday, June 2nd         
Heather the Sheep found a new home! She’d been living on the deck, but as you can see, she is the perfect guardian for the new impatiens bed.

Saturday, June 3rd            
This was a big day for us. We went to Charlotte so I could have an MRI (to determine whether I have damage from metal toxicity – I think). I was pretty nervous about it. My last MRI experience wasn’t fabulous. But they gave me valium & ear plugs, and it was an open MRI, so I made it through ok.

We weren’t able to bring any of our day lilies with us from Ohio, so we’re very happy with the volunteers that are coming up by our driveway.

That evening we went to a graduation party for my cousin’s daughter. We had a great time – got to visit with family that we haven’t seen in years. And I tried on these very fashionable glasses. I especially like how they make the end of my nose look so round. Ha!

This coming week I'm going to try to find that fine balance between being stubborn independent & not giving Dr. M a heart attack. Wish us luck!


  1. Saw the picture of the large chicken and was reminded of something a friend and I saw years ago. It's a complicated story but it involves a former Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina, who was a big dairy farmer and the giant, fake cow he used for advertising and towed behind his truck on a trailer.

    Funny thing is that my friend and I were driving up a hill and the cow was on the other side, so we saw the "animal" moving but not the trailer it was on nor the truck pulling them. Given that we were both tired and it was quite early in the morning such a sight was more than our brains could comprehend at that moment.

  2. What a missed opportunity with that barn--why GREEN?

    I think having a dog in that fashion is perfect. All of the Good Stuff and none of the maintenance or responsibility. Wonderful.

  3. I must be losing it. I can't think of anything dirty to say about the rooster. that's a pretty daylily. I'll send you another couple of the double orange when they quit blooming. I like impatiens but I can't grow them. just gets too hot here.

  4. I dont know why they dont make EVERY MRI an open MRI - those things are horrible & terrifying closed in.
    I so love your little heart flower bed. That is adorable!

  5. Beach Bum: great story! I can only imagine the double takes; Nance: John Deere green, I guess, and YES! I love having Roy come running to see me, then going home for food and the other stuff. He's a sweet dog who sleeps in a nice kennel at night and gets to play a lot during the day. He would be a house dog, but she has what she called "the cat from hell" inside, lol; Ellen, I hear you. We are fortunate to have a nice shady place for a bed of them, so they don't burn up in July and August. Thanks for thinking of us!; Rebecca Jo, yes and thank you!!! <3 all, M

  6. I think many of us are at that age where we're falling apart.

  7. I'm like Ellen -- can't think of a thing that's off-color about the rooster, except maybe the barn he's sitting on. On the other hand, there is that wonderful song called "Long Gone," that does memorialize a certain little red hen and a red rooster.

    If you'd like some spineless prickly pear, I can break off some pads, let them dry a bit, and ship them off to you. You might want to start them in a pot with good drainage to get them started, or you could just put them straight in the ground. I've got so danged many I've been having to cull.

  8. A neighborhood dog is sorta like a to have around and play with for a while, and then you turn them back over to the owner...ahem, parent.


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