Sunday, January 14, 2018

2018 Project 365 – Week Two

It’s the second week of the new year, and I am just trying to hunker down & make it through without losing my mind over our inane & terrifying president. Biggest sigh ever.
Sunday, January 7th            
The penguin hat made its first appearance of the year. Like most of the country, we were in the deep freeze for parts of the week. In fact, our average temperature for today was 18 degrees!

The birds are very appreciative of Dr. M!

Monday, January 8th                        
Return of the Duck.

And the person who has been training me at work LEFT ME ALL ALONE.

Tuesday, January 9th                                          
Icy river. Tell me again, we did move to North Carolina, right?

Wednesday, January 10th                                 

Twins – right?

Thursday, January 11th                               
The only picture I took today – I was pointing out some weird thing my hair was doing.

Friday, January 12th                       
Frankly, these things are pretty scary to me. I’m glad to be finished with my “Poppy Troll Period.”

Saturday, January 13th                           
My super nutritious lunch.

Dr. M started packing up my office equipment to send back to my former employer. I was feeling a bit sad, but then he used penguin duct tape to seal it. Hahahaha!

Another week, another beanie.

Although the things that I'm anxious about haven’t changed yet, I’m feeling much calmer this week. I think it helps that I feel like I can do a good job in my new position. That’s really the only thing I can control, so I’ll focus my energy there.

On another note, I had two New Year’s resolutions this year: 1. Drink more water, and 2. Go to bed earlier. I am doing a TERRIBLE job with both of them! I don’t know about the water (I haven’t counted), but my Fitbit tells me I’ve been getting around 6.5 hours of sleep per night during the week. Did you make any resolutions? How are you doing with them?


  1. I agree. the poppy hats are a bit terrifying. we're fixing to have another three days of frigid weather. same resolution as last year and the year before...5 sun salutations a day.

  2. I always wonder about you and how you feel about the cold weather in the South, having moved from cold, frozen Ohio to ... well ... cold, frozen North Carolina.

    My Fitbit tells me the same thing, 6.5 hours on average. I'd like to get to 7.5 hours per night, or at least 7. Why is that so difficult?

  3. Those troll hats...yikes! I hope they are making their owners happy.

    I'm sorry you are having such cold weather in NC, but at least you're not shovelling snow. There is that little blessing!

  4. My super nutritious lunch.

    No worse than the usual honey bun and Pepsi I get in the morning coming home from work.

  5. You're in NC??? I have to look back to see if you said where, and when did y'all move???

  6. LOL -- those poppy hats ARE a bit scary. I love the penguin duct tape, though! Glad you're settling into the new gig!

  7. You should have moved to balmy Arizona if you didn't want that frigid weather. I love the penguin hat, by the way, and . . like the birds . . I appreciate Dr. M's efforts.

  8. That penguin tape made me laugh. Of course, penguins generally make me laugh. Have you read this wonderful penguin story? I can't get enough of it.

  9. BTW, some of your beanies look knitted. Have you switched?


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