Sunday, March 18, 2018

2018 Project 365 – Week Eleven

If I thought last week was weird, then this one told me to hold its beer! Snow, flowers, crochet, rinse, repeat…
Sunday, March 11th               
Our new spring flag!

Monday, March 12th                         
Did I say spring? If you can’t see the video, here is a transcript: The Bug, looking out the back door, “My current situation. This is snow. I live in North Carolina. What the heck.”

A good evening to take a picture of my latest afghan square. There’s something about these colors that seem art deco to me – I’m not really sure why. The white & dark heather gray?

Tuesday, March 13th                                            
I’ve been trying to make a hat for my aunt Mimi (Emily), but I keep having to frog it. I’m not sure what the problem is, but we may have to give up on this yarn for hat purposes.

Wednesday, March 14th  
Again? And again I say, “what the heck!”

Thursday, March 15th  
My last square in this pattern. This blanket is turning out way more Christmassy than I expected!

Red Shouldered Hawk!

Friday, March 16th                            
Ready for pretty much any glasses situation.

Makes me smile.

Yup. Busted!

Saturday, March 17th                              
As Dr. M said, years ago, we started bringing home rocks from places we visited. Some are big, like the ones from various stops along Appalachian byways. Others are small...pebbles worn smooth by Lake Erie, etc. there are rocks from Lincoln and Catawba Cos, NC, and rocks from Greene, Clark, and Champaign Cos, OH. There are also a few bits of brick, etc., from here and there. Seemed fitting on St. Patrick’s Day to rebuild our cairn here in Plateau, near the new maple that is growing to replace the one that had to be cut down last February. 

I’m currently working part time for my old job and my new job, just for a couple of months while I get the person at my old job trained. My new job has had some setbacks, but I think we’re going to get up & running full speed again very soon, so the future looks like it’s going to be really busy! What do you think your week is going to look like?


  1. You may not like the snow you had, but I enjoyed the cooler weather we had in Florida. February was way too hot (mid to high 80's) and broke all sorts of records. Hey, at least you won't have the blizzards that the northeast is getting.

    I love that you guys collect rocks in the places you visit. I have a few from Lake Erie, too.

    My week is going to be just like last week: busy! *Raises glass to you* (probably should make that a cup of coffee or tea, huh?)

  2. My wife would freak out over that spring flag.

  3. I'd be terribly resentful of snow in NC, too! ESPECIALLY if I moved from Ohio!

    I thought they did away with your old job. Or was it just the Work Remotely part?

    1. Well, my position WAS eliminated, but the person who ended up having to try to do all of my tasks is very overwhelmed & under-trained, so I agreed to work for a couple of months to get things organized & train her. I agreed to do this because we haven't been paid at my new job - I've been going in mostly in a volunteer capacity while they worked on funding. So I was really bored, but now just as they've gotten me set back up at my old job, the funding came through on the new one. I'm going to be pretty busy for a while!

  4. the afghans are coming along nicely. and a great shot of the hawk. I pick up rocks too but they are scattered about. my week? more construction and putzing around.

  5. We're saying "what the heck" around here too! The weather is crazy! I'm glad you got your cairn rebuilt, and your afghan pieces look great, as always.

  6. We have a piece of driftwood that we picked up from the shore of a big lake when we were on our honeymoon. Judy has faithfully toted it with us around a couple of countries for 47 years now.

  7. Enjoyed hearing your voice!
    Love the cairn idea. I brought back four small rocks from one of our tandem vacations. I've been wanting to paint each one with a reminder of the day.
    You take such great selfies!
    Your crochet squares are stunning.
    Have a great , tho' busy, week!


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