Tuesday, April 17, 2018

2018 Project 365 – Week Fifteen

This week is all about selfies, crochet, and FLOWERS. While our weather has been nothing like you folks who are still getting snow (!!), we have had uneven temps. Last night it got back down into the 30s. So these glimpses of spring have been extra lovely.

P.S. Last week I spelled "impatiens" with a t - "impatients" which is basically how I've felt waiting for spring. Ha!

Sunday, April 7th                 
Sunday selfie. The “Growing out My Bangs and WHY DO I THINK I WANT HAIR ON MY NECK” edition. Almost hourly I vow to get a haircut and then change my mind.

More fun with butterfly bobbins. This pattern turned out to be fun to work up, even though there were a TON of ends to weave in.

Monday, April 9th                          
Flowers in our yard. Clockwise from top left: phlox, snapdragons with a billion wildflower shoots, more phlox, and Ms. Rita the geranium.

Tuesday, April 10th                                              
The square I was working on the previous Sunday.

“Weeds” from our yard – we mostly think they’re great.

Other people’s flowers. Our street is quite lovely now.

A couple of non-flowers. The goat lives up the street, and Ms. Phoebe is back in the nest in our carport.

Wednesday, April 11th
Getting ready to start my last “fun with butterfly bobbins” square. I used PicMonkey to design these squares since there were so many possible color combinations.

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail! We’re working hard to make our yard butterfly friendly.

Thursday, April 12th   
The butterfly bobbin square didn’t really work for a solid color (especially since you’re supposed to end up with a plaid look), so for the cream colored blanket, I used a pattern from the 2015 crochet along. It’s one of my favorites.

Friday, April 13th                             
The second plaid square. If these seem to be all out of order, it’s because I always block them first before their final photo shoot, so I’ve already been working on a couple of other crochet projects before I get the pictures taken.

Dr. M never wears his hair down, so I decided to grab a photo after his shower Friday evening. So jealous of all those curls!

Saturday, April 14th                                
Saturday afternoon date. And yes, that glass of water IS bigger than my head!

The best dates end up with someone Dr. M planting more flowers in the yard (while someone else the Bug mows). We got another azalea, petunias, and a peony – all pink.

I have readers in Ohio, Texas, England, Indiana, SC, Arizona, and Florida. What’s spring looking like in your neck of the woods? (Ducks & runs from the Ohio & Indiana folks…)


  1. I drove in a blizzard yesterday. Yes, a real blizzard. Rick has hidden all sharp objects.

  2. the cream and the blue/gray/black are still my favorites! we're having a gorgeous day today and the daylilies are all starting to send up bloom scapes.

  3. Having some goats in my neighborhood instead of people would make like the place a lot more.

  4. Your crocheting skills are awesome!

    I'm mulling my hair decisions right now, too. It's behaving weird and I'm wondering if I should let it grow a bit longer (not long, can't handle that, just a *bit* longer). I always thought your hair looked really cute when short.

    I love watching goats; they are so hilarious. Have you seen those goat yoga videos on YouTube? Did you know goat yoga was a thing?

  5. Well, let me put it this way. The magnolias are in full bloom, the dewberries are ready for picking, and it's not going to be very much longer before we're talking about summer. There's one sure sign, and I hate to report I experienced it last week. The "First Sweat" of the year always is a milestone. It's a reminder that the temperatures and humidity are going up, and it's time to get really serious about drinking more water. Sigh.

    I'm hoping spring does linger a little longer. We have a front coming tonight that may drop things down a bit. The high tomorrow is supposed to be 74, and we won't crack 80 all week, so that's good.

    Other than that, it's all work and not much play, but a friend and I are going to Galveston for breakfast. Then, if it's nice, we'll wander a bit. Hope your week is a good one!


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