Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Thar Be Dragons...


  1. WHAT THE HECK IS THAT THING??!! (And what happened to its tail?)

    1. Ha! It’s an eastern fence lizard. They are fierce looking, aren’t they? But they are only 5-6 inches long, including tail, and pretty friendly. This one probably lost a tail to a predator, but lived to tell the tale...


    2. There are smaller ones that manage to climb the wall and enter the house. They are said to bring blessing into the house. They're so swift , it's impossible to catch them.

  2. What a handsome dude! Too bad about his tail, but that's life. I've got one hanging around my place who lost his tail a few weeks ago, but he seems to be doing fine. I' ve not seen him for a few days. I should look and see if the tail's growing back. I'm fond of lizards, although the translucent geckos do creep me out, just a little.

  3. Looks like it would take a lot of 'em to make a pair of boots. :)


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