Thursday, June 21, 2018

2018 Project 365 – Week Twenty-four

I am writing this post the same day that I wrote the one for week 23, but I didn’t want to overwhelm you guys with pictures, so I’m scheduling it to post later in the week. You’re welcome.
Sunday, June 10th                     

Monday, June 11th                              
My Facebook caption: All alone at a table for 14. #feelingconspicuous #imearly #dramaqueen 

More wildflowers. Just settle back & prepare to be inundated all summer. We’re just too pleased with ourselves about our little wildflower garden. Ha!

Tuesday, June 12th                                                 
Square of the week…

Wednesday, June 13th    
Dr. M looked out the window & saw these goldfinches in the wildflowers!

Thursday, June 14th       
Guess what? More wildflowers!

A couple of pieces from work – some sort of double-sided couch and a headboard.

Friday, June 15th                               
It was a messy bun, talking to inanimate objects kind of day (I told the staple box it had led a hard life). 


Dr. M has been watching bluebirds land on this light post for a while now. Today he finally got a picture. 

Saturday, June 16th                                    
I had breakfast with some of my oldest longtime friends. The four of us had a great time talking nonstop for two and a half hours. We need to do this more often!

I have nothing new to say here, since I just wrote my other post about 20 minutes ago. So, why don’t you tell me something interesting?


  1. Flowers, birds, and crochet - are always a delight to the eyes.

  2. cosmos, poppies, cornflowers. love the mix.

    1. We do too - & they're something new almost every day. Such fun!

  3. I'm struck by how lightweight those goldfinches must be, to sit on the cosmos and not bend them down. Your flowers really DO look great!

    1. Thanks! Those goldfinches remind me of red winged black birds that we would see along the side of the road in Ohio - usually on fences, but sometimes clinging to some tall grass.

  4. The bluebird looks like he's really ticked off about something!

    ...some sort of double-sided couch... <-- I'm wondering about that for people who are mad at each other, and therefore don't want to sit next to each other?

    Beautiful wildflowers!

    1. I am VERY curious about where that couch is going to end up!


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