Tuesday, August 28, 2018

2018 Project 365 – Week Thirty-four

I was all prepared to talk about how busy the weekend was, as an excuse for not having written this post yet. But in all actuality, I spent a good bit of Saturday watching Dr. M do work around the house. So I could have written my post then. The plain truth is that I had better things to do, like watch Dr. M work and play on my iPad.
Sunday, August 19th                        
My brother & his wife have started coming to my church. Today we went out afterward for lunch. Nice!

Monday, August 20th                                  
It was a two glasses situation.

This is block number 16 in my first colorway. This square was a LOT of fun to make – and each one is so different because of color placement (or lack of colors). I have to admit though, that this picture makes my eyes cross because sometimes the bobbles pop out & other times they look like dents in the square. Optical illusion!

Tuesday, August 21st                                                     
This female spicebush swallowtail loves our impatiens.

Your weekly furniture – office chairs in a variety of colors. 

Wednesday, August 22nd       
This is a lesson in camera settings – Dr. M went out to take pictures of flowers (see below) and saw this red-spotted purple butterfly. It wouldn’t hold still & the camera wasn’t set up for motion – but I like the shadow effect anyway. The skipper butterfly on the other hand stayed put, so that picture is pretty good.

Here are the aforementioned flowers.

And block 16 in my second colorway.

Thursday, August 23rd            
My crazy desk at work. I often have paper everywhere, including on the keyboard. One of these days I’ll come up with a better system. Ha!

Pearl crescent butterfly. You can’t tell, but it’s tiny.

I had to laugh at the difference in mall walking & mowing this time of year. Our grass is SO THICK and almost always damp, so I have to mow VERY SLOWLY. It’s more of a (very loud) walking meditation than cardio exercise.

Friday, August 24th                                  
Morning glories and a surprise azalea! We didn’t really realize it, but they are called “Encore” for a reason. Fun!

Block 16 in my 3rd colorway. You’ll have to wait until next week to see the 4th one. I know that makes you very sad. Ha!

Saturday, August 25th                                       
Dr. M’s Saturday project – putting this thing together. I’m so excited! I’ve been using a Tony Little Gazelle for YEARS. It has been great at helping me get more steps in my day, but not so great at cardio. Now that my hip is fixed (hallelujah) I’m ready to up my fitness game.

Speaking of my hip, its year anniversary was this week. I can’t believe that a year has already passed, and I can’t believe how good I feel. I have my final follow-up appointment next week – which will just be a lot of gushing on both sides (“You’re doing so great!” “I know! Right?”). Well, I’m off to use my new treadmill. It has built in speakers – I plan to plug my phone in & listen to the audio version of The Martian for the eleventy-seventh time. Do you have anything fun planned for your evening?


  1. The usual. Reading. And since my knitting muse failed to return I decided to just pick up the yarn and needles and go ahead. It's still more of a chore than enjoyment, but perhaps my interest will pick up as the patterns emerge. Love your crochet pieces.

    1. Thanks! Sometimes my crochet is a chore too - usually when I've promised to make something for someone. About halfway through I'll think "I'm never making anything for anyone ever again!" That lasts until I see the next project...

  2. It's been so hot here, and humid, that I haven't been able to get out for a brisk walk even in the early mornings. Your commitment to fitness is admirable. Right up there with crochet. ;-)

    1. "Commitment to fitness" might be stretching it - but I am trying to do SOMETHING every day!

  3. wow! I can't believe it's already been a year. and those desk chairs are tame comparatively.

  4. The fact that you can tell girl from boy butterflies amazes me. I can tell a butterfly from a moth, but then we're in uncharted territory. I can't believe it's been a year. Gush all you want -- you deserve it! And that's one fine looking new machine you've got there, too.

    1. Oh Dr. M is the one who can tell - I can barely tell a butterfly from a moth!

    2. Don't be too amazed...the male spicebush swallowtail has "tail lights" so to speak: two bright markings on the back edge of its wings. I didn't see those marks on any of the pics I took of this one. Also, I always have to look up which swallowtail is which, as the black, pipevine, and spicebush swallowtails are a pain to tell apart at a glance. ~ Dr. M

  5. Your weekly furniture – office chairs in a variety of colors.

    My last employer, a fiber optic cable factory, went a little crazy in the early 2000's hiring a lot of excess workers and buying a lot of expensive office furniture. Of course reality eventually reasserted itself and while a lot of people got laid off, they kept the office furniture in a storage room next the parts warehouse. During nightshift my buddy and I would park a couple of extra comfortable office chairs next the loud speaker, but out of sight and sleep until one of the productions lines called us to come fix something.

    Some nights, we slept for three four hours before being called.

    1. Oh man - I wish I could sleep at work, since apparently I won't put myself to bed in a timely manner.

  6. Your brother has the family resemblance.

    And I know about that two-glasses situation.

    Great photos of the butterflies (flutter-bys).

    1. Yep - when we were small people mistook us for twins.

  7. YAHOOO on a treadmill - that's always nice!
    I always love when family is in church together.
    I love the motion butterfly pic too - is that its shadow on the ground?


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