Sunday, February 24, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Eight

After a week of rain, we had a beautiful day today. I actually sat outside & crocheted today for a little while. It was breezy & my hands got so cold that they were practically numb, but still, it was nice!
Sunday, February 17th                                  
I went shopping for some new clothes today. My least favorite activity, but it had to be done. Here I am illustrating the problems of being a pear shaped person – the jeans fit very nicely, except for one little problem. Sigh.

It was stoup Sunday!

Monday, February 18th               
No picture

Tuesday, February 19th                                              
The daffodils by our house are taking their own sweet time (see photo on the left), but at least we do have some clumps of flowers around the yard.

Wednesday, February 20th                                              
An ottoman from work.

Thursday, February 21st                                                  
I got the bright idea to put curlers in my hair Thursday morning, but as you can see, the end result looks pretty much the same. Also, I think I look like a drag queen in the photo with the curlers. Ha!

This is a sign that I was VERY tempted to put up in one of the bathrooms at work. I used a toned-down version – and we still had a mess!


Is it weird that I kind of prefer my tulips like this?

Friday, February 22nd                                                  
No picture.

Saturday, February 23rd
My yarn was all atangle, so I flang it aside so it could think about the error of its ways. Please note that it’s over there in two pieces – what the heck yarn!

I made a couple of pom poms for a baby shower gift – my favorite kind of bow.

Why is the weekend so short? I would really like it better if we had three day weekends. Who’s with me?


  1. It happens EVERY weekend - at some point, I will sigh a big sigh and say, "What the heck happened to the weekend?" So yes, I'm with you.

    I admire anyone who can do something with their hair - be it curling, flat iron it, braid it, whatever. I rub mine with a towel, comb through it, shake it upside down (the pretending-I'm-a-wet-dog movement) and that's it.

  2. Tulips go quickly; good thing you like them in their Death Throes. I'm jealous of your daffodils. We've got a long way to go before we can look towards spring flowers here in NEO. And after yesterday/last night's high winds (sustained 38 mph, gusts 65 mph), I'm just glad we are all still in one piece and there was no snow.

  3. a photographer friend of mine took some beautiful black and white photos of gone by tulips. my daffodils did not like being relocated to a spot where I could actually enjoy them. no blooms last year and only three this year.

  4. Tulips, ha! I thought they were some exotic flower.
    Love the pompom-wrapping idea.
    Clever photo placement with your wedding portrait in the background.
    And most clever sign, ha ha!

  5. I honestly struggle so badly with clothes lately - I'm at the weird height where things are too short & if I get long, they are TOO long. It's so frustrating.

  6. If I were to become an employee once again I would favor a five day weekend with a two day work week.

  7. I love tulips, but when they are done then I want them gone. We also had two consecutive sunny days with more rain predicted for tomorrow. We are retired but we still consider the weekends special. Makes for a better week. Your soup looks delicious!

  8. Is the problem with the jeans that the waist is too loose? Maybe with a belt they'd be fine. Or you could get them taken in? I have that problem with the length of pants -- 32s are just a little too short and 34s are a little too long. And usually lengths are only even sizes. Argh!

    The curlers do look a bit Francine Fishpaw, but that has nothing to do with you -- it's just that they're curlers!

  9. That business with the jeans is a problem for me, too. The good news is that after seven pounds gone, a pair that I barely could button, now button without much problem. It suggests that I may be able to take it off where I put it on, which would be a very good thing, indeed. I've got skinny wrists, but who cares about that?

    I just want to be able to work again. First it was fog, then rain. Yesterday, I got six hours in, but it never got above 40 degrees. Layers are good, but they aren't that good! This is the time of year when I always think I need a civilized job -- then spring comes, and it's all good again.

  10. It is better to be a pear. You guys have less heart disease... AND more importantly, you sit skinny. You guys all look nice and thin when sitting. I love those pom poms. Your hair looks fabulous. You have the best hair ever. I would kill for it. Just sayin'.


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