Sunday, March 31, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Thirteen

As I write this, it’s 56 degrees & lovely outside. I just checked Xenia’s temp & it’s 33 degrees there. Sometimes I don’t see a huge difference in weather, but in springtime there’s often a HUGE difference. So thankful to be back in my Old Home State today!
Sunday, March 24th                                    
Dr. M brought an old swing frame from his dad’s house and set it up today. I spent a couple of blissful hours sitting in it.

Then I went to my aunt Mimi’s house to take a quick walk through her woods. She has an abundance of bloodroot this year!

Monday, March 25th               
I posted this to Facebook today.

Tuesday, March 26th                                              
This cowbird is just incensed that the bird it can see in the window is ignoring him.

Wednesday, March 27th                                              
Furniture. The one with spikes in the seat is an art piece. I asked. Ha!

Thursday, March 28th                                                    
Ms. Rita has been enjoying her winter in the bathtub.

Friday, March 29th                                                  
Need a church? We got ‘em!

Saturday, March 30th     
I guess technically I could still “win” if Duke wins the tournament, but at this point it feels like a hollow victory.

Signs of spring.

I guess I’m ready for April. It’s going to be a pretty busy month at work (furniture market), but busy is good. Do you have any April plans?

P.S. My coat is still hanging on the back of my office door.


  1. Yes, you should be glad to be down in your Home State! We woke up to SN*W yesterday! And 20s. And it's still here today. UGH. Of course, it's Opening Day for the Cleveland Indians--when will they learn?

    Enjoy your beautiful Spring and your relaxing swing.

  2. does that furniture actually ever in up in someone's house? fun to look at but totally impractical.

  3. That spiky chair is...disturbing. We moved our geraniums outside already, but I'm not sure they're loving it. Their leaves look a little shocked! (More by direct sunlight than cold, I think.)

  4. All the surgeries & issues I've had on my rear? I need that chair with the spikes & I'll make everyone else sit in it so they can feel my pain.

  5. So, now that Duke is Dead, who you pickin'?

  6. We're getting some nice days here. The nights are still in the 30s. It looks like Ms. Rita fared well this winter. We should all do so well.

  7. Furniture. The one with spikes in the seat is an art piece.

    It's hard to really tell these days. I've seen some furniture that looks less than functional but people have these items in their living rooms.

  8. That spiky chair looks like the kind of chair you threaten kids with... "If you don't behave yourself right now, you'll have to sit in the corner! On that spiky chair!"


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