Sunday, April 14, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Fifteen

This has been kind of a weird week. Health issues for Dr. M and me, plus some big changes coming soon. Also, April showers. And April flowers.
Sunday, April 7th                                      
Seen in our yard – lovely!

The Peace Lily that we got from Dr. M’s brother’s memorial service is blooming! That thing is ginormous! And a little risqué, in my opinion.

Monday, April 8th                 
Dr. M’s spinal issues have become quite severe in the last few months. He has constant burning pain up and down his right side, and then if he stands for too long his leg goes numb. He was referred to a spine specialist at Wake Forest Baptist Hospital and had his initial consultation & x-rays today. He is pessimistic that the surgeon will be able to help him, but I am holding out hope. He has an MRI scheduled for the 16th which will help the surgeon make a decision.

That evening we went out with the family for our monthly Mexican meal. I met a shady character and ate a Mexican “Chef” Salad. Delicious!

Tuesday, April 9th                                                
Dr. M got another hanging basket to complete the tableau out back by the swing. So pretty!

Wednesday, April 10th                                                
Our neighbors have the prettiest trees in their yard. And this picture doesn’t show the wisteria that’s blooming just to the left.

I’ve been having some back pain (due to idiocy like kicking a full copy paper box down the hall and carrying a computer in an awkward box) and this week it bloomed into VERY painful. I became paranoid that I’d done something to my hip (interesting how similar the pain is), so I had them work me in at my surgeon’s office. They took an x-ray & the hip is fabulous – yay! However, I do have some soft tissue and bursa pain in the lower back. She recommended ice. Of course, because ice is the answer to everything. The next day I had an appointment with my regular doctor & she decided that steroids might help. ANYWAY, this picture has nothing to do with any of that. This week was High Point Furniture Market week & so most of our folks were there. I had to stay to lock up the office & the last thing that I did each evening was lock this gate. On this day that was perfectly fine, but the day before it was POURING rain. Makes me appreciate Brad who usually does this chore!

Thursday, April 11th                                                    
A new hanging basket for the front, plus our Blue Moon phlox.

One of the couches at work. I believe it’s available if you’d like it – I can testify that it’s very comfortable!

Friday, April 12th                                                  
No picture today. On a whim last month I applied for a different job. Late Thursday they called to say that I was their final candidate and that they’d be calling my references, which meant that I had to tell my boss about it. I told him today, and by the end of the day he had someone scheduled to start on Monday for me to train. I still have to jump through a couple of hoops so I don’t want to announce anything officially, but if all goes well I start the new position on April 29th. And now I am totally overwhelmed with the idea of training someone. I’m a terrible teacher. And it feels like everything I do is so complicated (because I make it complicated, in my opinion). I try to remember that when I started I got a pretty basic training & then I just learned all this as I went along. It’s all gonna be just ok, right?

Saturday, April 13th     
Azaleas at Dr. M’s dad’s house. They’re just out of control. I hope ours look like that someday!

Just a bathroom mouthwash selfie. I was feeling silly.

So, basically, nothing much is going on around here. How about with you?


  1. Wow! That was a big week! Here's hoping that The Professor can get some relief. I know from experience (with Rick) how painful and tricky back problems can be to get diagnosed and effectively treated. I will send good thoughts his way. Congratulations on your New Job! How exciting! We will all miss the photos of the unique furniture, but wish you well.

  2. beautiful azalea...I love white flower...
    Have a great weekend

  3. Orthopedic issues are best dealt with by losing weight. Doctors will only complicate matters by suggesting surgery and /or meds.
    Anyway, hopefully you and Dr.M feel better soon!

  4. Your flowers are beautiful, and Dr. M's Dad's azaleas are incredible. So pretty.

    I am sorry to hear about Dr. M's and your back problems. I feel your pain. A lot of us older folks (that's me, not you and Dr. M ;) have spinal stenosis (a narrowing of the spaces within the spine). It can cause nerve pain, but you guys probably know that already. My leg gets numb, too. My back hurts smartly after about 10 minutes of working in the kitchen or anything else. I'm very lucky that mine stops hurting when I sit down. That doesn't work for everyone. I sure hope both of you fell better soon and that your doctors can help.

    When you said that there were going to be big changes coming, I thought it would be a move or a job change. Congrats on the new job. I hope it works great for you.

    I swear, you look so young in that mouthwash photo.

  5. so the job move involves more pay I hope or you just didn't like working at the furniture factory? that couch is downright tame comparatively. sorry to hear about all the back pain. I hope Dr. M gets some relief as it is debilitating. you probably just need to strengthen your abs...crunches!

  6. It is amazing what back doctors can do these days so I'm holding out hope for Dr. M. And for you with a new job! Seems like they're pretty sure you're going to get it as they wasted no time in hiring your replacement.

  7. Wonderful spring flowers! My best regards from Romania!

  8. Oh my. Big changes! I hope your (and Dr. M's) back pain clears up, and meanwhile, keep enjoying all those fabulous flowers! (It's hard to beat a petunia when it comes to hanging baskets, in my humble opinion.)

  9. So sorry about the pain all around. Will be waiting to hear what Dr. M. finds out from the MRI.
    And curious about the new job.
    Oh, so much beauty surrounds you!

  10. Congratulations on the new job! And take it for what it's worth...don't worry about training your replacement. They will find the way just like you did. Focus on your health, and that of Dr. M. Hope you are escaping the tornado warnings across much of the state.

  11. Oh wow - that is a big announcement! Congratulations on the new job! You'll have to tell us all about it once you can.

    I hope both yours and Dr. M's health issues get resolved, and resolved permanently. No more kicking paper boxes down the hall, missy!

  12. Oh, yikes. It's all becoming clear, now. Let's see... you probably have started at the new job, and the tests were the 16th, so that's over. Lemme go read the next chapter and see what's up!


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