Sunday, April 21, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Sixteen

Man this past week went by really fast! I had no problems training my replacement – she’s very bright, has lots of experience, and I think she’ll be really good for the company. Hard to believe that I just have one more week there. My new job is in the Human Resources department of the City of Hickory. I’m really excited about it! Oh, and my back issues have calmed down considerably. Still a bit tender, but nothing like it was last week. Glad to be off of the steroids.
Sunday, April 14th                                      
Apple blossoms in Dr. M’s father’s yard.

I had a struggle, but I prevailed!

Monday, April 15th                 
Our yard is so pretty now!

Tuesday, April 16th                                                
Today Dr. M went for an MRI. We’re really hopeful that the surgeon will decide that he can be helped because he’s in constant pain right now. At least with my hip, as long as I sat still I could be mostly comfortable. On his way home he passed some canola fields – lovely!

Wednesday, April 17th                                                
Dr. hanging around out back.

Also, goldfinch!

Thursday, April 18th                                                    

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail in flight.

It’s a Mom & Pop operation these days.

Friday, April 19th                                                  
Last week I shared a picture of Dr M.’s dad’s azalea. This one belongs to my dad. I hope our little azaleas grow up to be just like these!

Saturday, April 20th     
Mr. Gnomeland Security says “No seed for you!”

I’ve made this meal before without any issues, but this time it caught fire in the microwave! Yikes! We think that it might be because its “best buy” date was in February. I just bought it on Friday, so I went back to the grocery store & let them know. They gave me a refund.

I have one more week in the furniture industry & then I’m on to something new. I think I’m ready. Anything new going on with you?


  1. That azalea is gorgeous! And look at you, a Recent Transplant in North Carolina, and now you're a Government Employee. Way to go!

  2. I'm going to miss the pictures of the crazy furniture. and that azalea is outstanding and that is why we grow them!

  3. All the Spring colors!!!!
    Love to see it - hate how it makes my head feel all blooming out!!!
    Love a yarn winder... its just mesmerizing to watch work

  4. How weird about the fire! Wonder what happened there? I'm going to miss all that unusual furniture, though some of it is a little cringe-worthy, to be honest. LOL! Love all the flowers and the goldfinch!

  5. The South Carolina State House here in Columbia has a bunch of huge azalea bushes like your dad's. I meant to visit the State House grounds while they were in bloom but I missed the peak colors.

  6. You do have wonderful spring color all over the place!

    I wonder how much we will miss your "weird furniture" posts... ha! Good luck with the new job! Too bad you didn't live here, we're looking for all sorts of people. I'd love to work with you in person.

  7. I'm spending the afternoon getting caught up, too -- I saw your comment. If a misplaced comment's our only problem, we're blessed for sure. It looks like there have been some events in your life -- I'm anxious to get caught up. A new job? Wowzers!

  8. OK -- I've got more context now for what's going on. I am going to miss that wacky furniture, though. I'd never buy any of it, but it sure was fun to look at!


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